Friday, December 4, 2015

10 Things You Should Never Say During Sex !!

10 Things You Should Never Say During Sex,man woman sex sleep sleeping bed man on top of woman girl

Messing up a great thing is not something we do on purpose, but we do it all the time. We do things or say things to spoil something that has been going great till then. It could be something we say or something we do that breaks the flow and acts as a jinx. Saying the wrong things while having sex can take the top spot in the worst goof ups you could have made. So what are the few things you should never ever say during sex?

1.Tell her that you were trying to pick up her friend
And that you ended up with her instead as her friend wouldn’t even look at you. You would be happy if you get out of bed without any injuries.

2.Moan someone else’s name
Even if you had just met her, it is better to keep your mouth shut than to moan someone else’s name in the heat of the moment. She’d probably leave you with a few choice words.

3.Tell her that her underwear looks like your mother’s.
It is not only the grossest thing you could ever say but also the creepiest. You can’t blame her if she never wants to see you again.

4.Tell her you are under medication
For a sexually transmitted disease and that you are sure that she can’t possibly get infected. Knowingly endangering someone’s health is a crime.

5.Tell her that you would like her to have our babies
Even if she does, she will be put off by this. Don’t wonder why, but it just works that way. If she asks for it, then say yes.

6.Keep referring to your ex
You can’t sleep with someone and make references to your ex or make it obvious that you are sleeping with her just to make your ex jealous.

7.Tell her you have to get back to your wife and kids
It would have the same reaction as that of pouring a bucket of cold water on her face. She might just slap you and ask you to get off her.

8.Tell her the condom broke
All hell might break loose, she might take it calmly too, but rest assured, the sex will stop immediately. But that does not mean you shouldn’t tell her.

9.I can’t get it up
Two things could happen. She’d think it is because of her, and then you’d have to console her, or she might look down on you and you would need some consolation from elsewhere. Either ways there is no sex.

10.Tell her you need to answer a phone call
A possible reply that you can get is,” the phone call can wait for the few seconds you take to finish”. That hurts. She may not mean it, but it does mean you have really pissed her off by choosing a phone call over her.

For your own safety and the future of the relationship, it’s best to avoid saying some real stupid things during sex.

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