Friday, December 4, 2015

10 Reasons You Should not Compromise on Your Career for Your Girlfriend !!

10 Reasons You Should not Compromise on Your Career for Your Girlfriend ,man woman wearing suits formal dressing

Relationships should make you grow as a person. They are there in your life to make things simpler, as you spend your life with a person who understands you and is there for you. Often, people get indulged in relationships which lack maturity and understanding. This kind of a situation creates problems for both the people involved, especially when one person is putting in more effort than the other, and or when one is compromising more than the other to meet his/her expectations.

What one must know and realize is that irrespective of how much the relationship means to you, there are some aspects of your life that you shouldn’t compromise on. For instance, your career. Here are some really important reasons why you should not compromise on your career for your girlfriend.

1. You will be a successful person professionally
There is a lot of pleasure that one gets when they reach professional excellence. That feeling is pretty incomparable to anything else that one experiences. You can only be successful in your profession when you are with a partner who understands your ambitions and is supportive of your work. If you are with a girl who asks you to make compromises at every stage, then there is some major problem with the relationship, and you need to fix it as soon as possible.

2. You deserve a confident and independent life
Independence is something that is cherished by most people. One should strive to safeguard it under all circumstances. Often, people in relationships compromise on their independence. You become answerable to your partner about your whereabouts. This kind of dependency can lead to ugly outbursts later.

3. A sulking woman should be taught a lesson
Sometimes, women act cranky and when something else does not happen correctly in their life, they start sulking and take out all their angst on men. You should not encourage such behavior ever. This is unhealthy and has the capacity to put you in a tough spot, especially if in her anger she expects you to compromise on your career.

4. You will have no regrets ever
A lot of times, we come across men who crib about how life could have been better for them had they not sacrificed things for their partners. You would not want to see yourself like that ever in your life, right? It is very important for you to understand what you really want out of life. If you want to do well professionally, then keep in mind that any kind of sacrifice you make for your girlfriend will pinch either tomorrow or years later. Try and live a life that is free of regrets.

5. There is no shortage of supportive women
It could be hard to find the ideal person, but one must always try and be involved with someone who will, at any cost, respect your career and will at no given time ask you to make compromises. That is the kind of person who will help you grow, both professionally and emotionally. If you are ambitious, be with a kind of a woman who will let you be. And if your girlfriend doesn’t understand what you need, then you should realize that the relationship is probably not worth it, and that there are plenty of options around you.

6. You should be practical
Gone are those days when successful romances were all about sacrifices. You are of a demanding generation. You have some plans regarding your career, which you would not want to give away at any cost. You have seen some dreams with utmost sincerity and no woman has the right to crush them. This kind of relationship can only cause bitterness.

7. Do it to set an example for your friends and family
Once you do well professionally and are a person who does not make compromises because of your partner, you will also encourage others around you to follow your footsteps. It will give them the confidence to pursue their dreams. It will also help the women around you to understand how important professional dreams can be. It is a slow and gradual process, but still, it is the first step towards a change you deserve.

8. Your girlfriend will have no choice but to mature
Generally, when women ask for compromises, they do not even understand that they are hurting men. They need to be told so. They need to be made to understand that you cannot always do things their way. Maybe they are really good girlfriends and only need to understand that you will stick around with them as long as they are considerate towards your professional life. This will not only make your relationship work, but will also help her in becoming a better person.

9. You will always be respected at work
A man who puts his career before everything else is always respected at work. This will help you to build an image that you always desired. In fact, it will help you lead a personal baggage-free life. You will work with a clear head and end up reaching heights that you had not even imagined for yourself.

10. You must put yourself above anyone else
If you do not love yourself, how can you love your work and how can you possibly love another person? You need to figure out your priorities and make compromises on the basis of those priorities. While you are at it, never forget that the satisfaction professional success brings is unparalleled to anything else in life. Do it for experiencing that high.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that some of your professional dreams have been with you even before you met your girlfriend. You need to understand the worth of those dreams and act accordingly.

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