Friday, December 4, 2015

6 Things You Should Never Say After Sex !!

6 Things You Should Never Say After Sex,man woman having sex sleep together bed

Sex is a good thing for you. It relieves you of stress, makes you feel good, at times even makes you feel like you are on top of the world. Be it with your girlfriend, wife or a friend with benefits or even a one night stand with someone you don’t know too well, there are some things that you should never say just after you have had sex. It disturbs the post-coital mood and can also lead to some big trouble for you. Here are some things that you need to avoid telling to your partner.

1.I need to sleep
Perhaps the most common mistake men make after they have sex. Women like to hug, snuggle or just like to be held after sex. And if you are going to tell her that you need to sleep almost immediately after she is going to feel used. And don’t be surprised if she is in a foul mood or refuses sex later.

2.You were better than her
That her here could be your ex-girlfriend, her friend you had hooked up with before her or even her sister. Do not say this thinking she’d like it. It is not a good feeling to know you have been thinking of someone else while having sex with her. This could be a mistake you will regret and you will wish you never said anything.

3.Time to get a cab!
What would be her immediate response? Even if you really can’t spare the time or need to be elsewhere and she knows it too. Don’t say it. Relax and enjoy the moment for a while. She will nudge you out if she knows you really have to leave. Do not spoil your future chances by opening your big mouth.

4.It was great! It’s all about me!
As much as she’d be happy that you are pleased, she would get irritated if you keep going on and on about how great it was for you. Take a second to ask her how she felt and if it was as good for her as it was for you. Be nice.

You might want to use swear words to get you both into the mood, but swearing after sex is the most horrible thing to do. Then, swearing would be just that and it won’t be seen as dirty talk. Stay away from those words after you have had sex if you don’t want to stay away from sex.

6.I had such a bad day at work!
Don’t talk about work. Both of you lie next to each other exhausted and the first thing you talk about is how much of a pain your boss was. This could turn out to be your worst nightmare. Even if you guys have a rhythm going on and are comfortable with each other, this is something you should definitely avoid.

The time you spend post-sex is really special and it always helps not to say stupid things to ruin the moment.

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