Friday, December 4, 2015

7 Ways to Have a Fun Day With Your Girlfriend !!

7 Ways to Have a Fun Day With Your Girlfriend,man woman happy love romance guy girl hugging hug

We often see that when a relationship has gone on for a long while, things start to get a little boring between the couple. It is not that there is no love anymore, but you simply find it difficult to come up with new things to do with your girlfriend and have a fun time. You have gone out on way too many diner and movie dates. The relationship is craving for some new excitement. Well, if you’re the midst of such a relationship, here are 7 things you could do to have a lot of fun with your girlfriend.

1. Be artistic
This is something really fun. If you’re into art, try sketching your girlfriend, or you could ask her to sketch you. If you’re into photography, try doing that with each other. As a matter of fact, if you people have been together for a long while and are really close, you could even try to nude photography or sketching. This activity will definitely bring a new spark to your relationship.

2. A movie theater to yourself
This is something most girls will only hope for, but it hardly comes true. If you can afford it, book a mini theater just for the two of you to watch a movie there. For any girl, this is one of the most romantic things you could ever do.

3. Play video games
Stay indoor on a weekend and invite your girlfriend over. Spend the day playing video games together. This is something that almost every guy loves, but getting your girl’s interest into it will depend on your talent. Don’t bother too much about winning or losing. Just have as much fun as you can.

4. Happiest meal
Well, you might be familiar with “Happy Meal”, but what is happiest meal? Plan a particular day when both of you are free. Go grocery shopping together, get all that you will need, and then cook the dinner together. Don’t keep it too simple. The more time and trouble the cooking takes, the more fun you’re going to have. With a little more effort, you can make it a romantic home-made candle light dinner.

5. Be a part of her happiness
Did your girlfriend spend her last weekend playing video games with you? Well, it’s payback time. This weekend, go out with her to her favorite parlor and get a pedicure. Some people may consider it feminine, but a real man is someone who wouldn’t mind doing something slightly feminine to make his girlfriend happy. Besides, there are many men who like to get a pedicure, and it isn’t really anything feminine.

6. Moon watching
There are very few things as beautiful the clear night sky, twinkling with millions of stars and the moon amidst them all. Try spending one such night with your girlfriend, lying on the roof, staring at that sky and just talking your heart out (just the good stuff). And, if you are fortunate to live somewhere near a beach, doing the same on the sand and with the sound of the waves would just makes things ten-fold more romantic.

7. Walk or drive
Once again, if you live near a beach, a long walk along the shore on a moonlit night holding each other’s hands is just any girl’s dream come true. Or else, a long drive along the countryside road, discovering new paths that you have never traveled before is equally good. Make sure that you don’t end up in some place dangerous, though.

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