Monday, December 7, 2015

6 Tips on How to Smooth Talk Women !!

6 Tips on How to Smooth Talk Women,man woman love each other romance beach drinking beer

Ever envied the smooth talking glib types who seem to get women in all the clubs and parties and wondered why you can’t do it, secretly wishing you could? It is an art in itself. It needs a lot of practice as not all women are alike and the same lines would not work on everyone. It is also a kind of science, involving a lot of study and research. Also true that there are some little lies that are involved, well, sometimes a liberal dose. But hey! White lies do not hurt anyone and if it can lead to a great conversation and more later, why not? Here are a few tips to turn into a smooth talking ladies’ man.

1.Be confident and put it into your words and actions
Being confident about yourself is always a safe bet when you want to talk to a woman. Just don’t come across as cocky or arrogant.

2.Start with a joke
Say something funny, she will at least laugh if not completely impressed. If she genuinely finds your joke funny, she will not be antagonistic, and there you have your little leeway to get further.

3.Stay away from those cheesy corny pick-up lines
It mostly puts off women and they will want to stay away from you as much as possible. Think of something original and witty.

4.Be liberal with the compliments
Notice her clothes or a small thing like her earrings and compliment her on that. Women always believe that men don’t pay much attention to these things. Stay away from the “you have beautiful eyes” and “you are gorgeous” lines.

5.Listen to what she says and bring it up later
Nothing works like this; this will show her you are listening to what she has to say. Then talk your way in to her heart or to her apartment, whatever you want.

6.Don’t sound desperate and don’t look it either
Women can smell your desperation from a mile away. It can also be creepy and ruin your chances with her completely. Show her you are interested, but tone it down. Keep up a conversation for a while.

Smooth talking isn’t something that all of us can do, and do not listen to the advice of your friends unless you have seen them in action and truly believe you can pull it off too.

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