Monday, December 7, 2015

7 Tips on How to Know If She has a Boyfriend !!

7 Tips on How to Know If She has a Boyfriend,friends bar drinking

You can be in a tough spot if you have the hots for a girl who is already seeing someone. To avoid being in such a mess and find out if a girl has a boyfriend or not, here are the tips that you should use.

1. Scan her body language
Scanning body language is one of the easiest ways in which you can find out whether a girl already has a date or not. When you talk to her, watch how she reacts. Observe whether she fumbles out of nervousness, chats nonchalantly or keeps her distance. If she gets instantly uncomfortable and starts showing signs of a nervous body language, it could be possible that she has a boyfriend.

2. Try to have a long conversation with her
You may be able to find out whether a girl has a boyfriend or not, by having a prolonged conversation with her. When you talk to her for a longer time, she is likely to casually reveal details about her relationship. Having a longer chat with her will also give you glimpse into what kind of person she is, helping you to decide if you really want to pursue that girl or not.

3. Attempt to flirt with her
If you want to quickly figure out whether a girl is already taken or not, you can find out instantly by attempting to flirt with her. If she wards you off, you will come to know that she may be unavailable. If she doesn’t, you may have a chance to pursue her without worrying about her being single or not.

4. Check the girl’s social media pages
One of the first things you should do to know if a girl is already taken or not is check her profile on social media platforms, especially Facebook. If she has updated her relationship status online, you will immediately come to know whether she is involved with anyone or not.

5. Talk to her friends
If you know a few friends of the girl you are interested in pursuing, you should talk to them to find out if she is already dating or not. Chatting with her friends will also help you to know more about the girl, without talking to her directly. This way you will be able to get the information you need, without facing any awkward or embarrassing situation.

6. Be direct after establishing a comfort level with her
You can directly ask a girl whether she has a boyfriend or not. But first, you must establish a certain level of comfort with her. If you have had the chance to speak to a girl for a few times, there is nothing wrong in asking her directly about her boyfriend.

7. Ask her out casually
You don’t need to ask a girl out on a date formally to know about her relationship status. While you are talking to her, ask her out casually in a way that she doesn’t realize your intention behind it. If she is already dating someone else, she will immediately refuse and you will come to know that she is not single.

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