Sunday, December 6, 2015

6 Signs She’s Your Soulmate !!

6 Signs She’s Your Soulmate,man woman couple love and romance beach vacation

We often come face to face with this one very important question “Is she my soulmate?” How does one make sure whether the girl you are dating is really the chosen one for you? Well, soulmate is one person who becomes the integral part of your life, so it is important to look for the correct signs before taking a bow. In today’s busy life, our minds are so occupied that even if the chosen one crosses our path, it goes unnoticed. Here are signs that would help determine whether the girl you are dating is really your soulmate.

1.She is your best friend
What better can you ask for than finding a best friend in your soulmate? You should be able to share all your secrets with this one person, just like friends. Sitting together for a couple of drinks and having long chats on any topic under the sun. You are as comfortable with her as with any other male buddy, without the fear of being judged. You don’t have to change yourself just to enter her comfort zone.

2.There is magnetism
There is no tug of war going on between your mind and heart. Both are moving in complete tandem towards that person. It’s like a magnetic force pulling you in her direction at all times. She is always in your thoughts and you know that it’s the same with her. Just when you are thinking of her, she calls. You are ready to change all plans, reschedule all meetings just to spend some time together. This is a strong sign that you are on the same wave length.

3.There is physical Comfort
Two people should share equal physical comfort if they wish to play soulmates. Physical intimacy is something that cannot be faked for a long time. So make sure that you are not looking for reasons to leave that little space in between. Hugging and cuddling gives way to express real emotions and feelings. Plus, when in bed you don’t have the fear of showing those extra pounds. All that you are thinking off is drowning in passion.

4.You miss her nagging
Most men have one common complain about women and that’s nagging. You hate it when she nags you for every small thing. But what is to be noticed is that if you miss her nagging when she is not around. You don’t enjoy that emptiness in your relationship. If you had a fight and now you are not talking to each other, you try to create situations where she starts her nagging again. That proves that whatever the situation, you still wish to be with her.

5.You accept her flaws
We human beings are full of mistakes. So to expect that our soulmate will be a pure soul is unreal. You come across her past or some real bad habits, but still want to spend more and more time with her is what is called being a soulmate. Accepting the other person along with the flaws is what takes real courage.

6.She lifts your spirits
You have had a bad day at work, but her one smile makes you forget it all. You both understand that the other one is in some difficulty just by looking at the face or hearing the voice. And the only thing you can think of is how to cheer up the other one. Staying together in troubled times, pulling yourself together because you know that she is looking up to you for comfort.

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