Sunday, December 6, 2015

14 Creative Ways to Say “I Love You” !!

14 Creative Ways to Say “I Love You” ,love romance passion

Guys, you’re going to love this. Dying to spell out the three magical words to your love but don’t know where to start from? Then bring every girl’s silent dream to life by following any one of these 14 creative ways to say “I love you” to her.

1. A rosy proposal
Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. If you are a rich man and want to put your bucks to the best use, then buy a diamond ring or even a gold or silver ring packaged in a rose-shaped box. This action not only spells luxury but also true love.

2. A worldly proposal
If you stay in a small town and can’t afford to do something extravagant, then turn on your creative side. You and the whole town can participate in this. Take your girl on the roof of your home at night, and that’s when lights go off in town. As they slowly come back on, let them spell out the words “I Love You”. She’ll be awestruck at your unconditional love for her.

3. A romantic call
Take her to a restaurant and tell her that you are in love but are scared of rejection. She will go on to tell you how a girl reacts when she loves someone. She must have got the hint right then, but to make things more mysterious, take out your cell phone and pretend as if you’re calling some other girl. Little does she know that you are actually dialing her number and as she takes the call, you can pop out the three lovely words. She will remember this encounter for life as you’ve done something really out of the box.

4. Cracking love
Take your girl to a terrace of a tall building and tell your friends to let out fireworks with the words “I Love You” spreading out in the sky. The whole sky will witness your true love and in no time your girl will be in your arms.

5. Tra la la la
In case you are a musician or you play the guitar, ask your friends to join in and you can play a lovely song expressing your true love for her. The lyrics and the music of the song should make her fall head over heels in love with you.

6. Writing your heart out
Write a nice truthful handwritten letter with the words “I love you”. Don’t care about the world, simply pen down all your feelings for her. And she may have no choice but to fall in love with your overwhelming sense of expression.

7. The wedding proposal
Another interesting and special way to propose to someone is at someone’s else’s wedding. You can raise a toast to the newly wed couple and ask the others to say cheers to the woman they love on this auspicious occasion. And then with a slight wink of the eye, you can say cheers to the girl you’re in love with. She will be enamored at your love for her.

8. Tattoo your way into your girl’s heart
Tattoo your girl’s name on your hand or arm and make her feel truly wanted. Don’t get something that looks obsessive or weird. Go for something classy, timeless and you.

9. Play a game
Simply play a game of truth and dare with her and reveal your innermost feelings to her as you get the chance of telling the truth. But mean each and every word you say and that will make the moment really special.

10. The love flick
Just as the climax of every movie ends at the airport, you can ask any of your pilot friends to say how much you love your girl via the airport speakers. Your girl will be amazed at your love and boldness in such a commitment phobic world.

11. Rescue the damsel in distress
If ever you see your girl in distress, think about no one and go out of the way to rescue her. And when the girl asks you why you took so much pain to rescue her, just say “Because I love you” with a slight glint in your eyes and a naughty smile.

12. Go viral
Make a short video of all the times spent right from the day she met you till the moment she witnesses the letters “I love you” written in the video. It will melt her heart.

13. Cook it up
Whip up some creamy treat for her with the words “I love you” and in no time, you’ll see your girl’s heart melting, not for the cream, but for you.

14. The extraordinary love
Be it a classroom, a meeting room, or any other public place, get gutsy and utter the three beautiful words then and there in front of everyone. Your girlfriend will love you for it.

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