Sunday, December 6, 2015

5 Tips for Surviving a Breakup !!

5 Tips for Surviving a Breakup,couple sad divorce

Very few people are lucky enough to have their first relationship as the one that lasts forever and never face the trauma of breakup. Most of us have to go through the more difficult queue. For some, it is a choice they are forced to make, whereas for others, it just happens. No matter what the reason is, a matter what people think, a breakup is as difficult for a guy as it is for a girl. Yes, a guy may not cry his heart out like most girls, but that does not mean that he is hurt any lesser. In extreme cases, some people lose their mind completely, some become heartbroken to the point of never being able to do anything else in life, while some even choose to commit suicide. Life is a gift and no matter what, we should all appreciate it. Hence, if you’ve gone through a breakup, here are a few tips which will help you survive through it.

1. Never be alone
Being alone leads to loneliness, and that eventually leads to chronic depression. When you are alone, you get all the time to think about your ex and miss those moments. Hence, always have company. Be with your family, friends, etc. Do things with them and do not allow yourself to be lost in thoughts and be sad.

2. Keep yourself busy
An idle mind is a devil’s workshop, and if you have recently had a breakup, the devil works with twice the enthusiasm. Therefore, always try to keep yourself busy. Go out with friends, watch movies, do extra work at office, study harder, or do whatever keeps your mind busy. Just don’t let the thoughts of your ex haunt you at any moment.

3. Avoid the ex
Avoid doing anything or going anywhere that reminds you of your ex. Try to take a different route to work, eat at different restaurants, go to different clubs, etc. Breakups do come at a price, and you sadly, one has to pay it. Also, absolutely avoid going to spots where couples are usually seen dating, etc. Trust me, when you are filled with misery, you don’t want to witness this.

4. Do the guys’ thing
Most guys love to play video-games. Some really enjoy bike stunting. Others may prefer going to NBA, etc. Do all that with your friends; and do it more than you did before. A word of caution though, a heart-broken guy doing stunts on his bike isn’t always the best option. So try out other things which you enjoy doing.

5. Move on
Understand that this is life and it is precious. Hence, not meant to be wasted. Do not give up on life just because you had a breakup with one girl. Live and live happily for the people who love you and care for you. Do not start doing drugs or become a full blown alcoholic. Girls will come and go. Learn from the experience, cherish the good memories, forget the rest and move on.

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