Monday, November 16, 2015

How To Flirt A Married Woman !

How To Flirt A Married Woman,couple flirting drink alcohol  drinking scotch gen

Flirting with a single woman is different as compared to married women. Approaching a single woman is easy, but this is not the case with married women. If you wish to flirt with a married woman, then you need to keep some important tips in mind. Read the post below to know more.

1. Be calm in your approach
You can’t really go overboard while flirting with a married woman. Be calm in your approach, but act confident. Show that you are just casually flirting with her. Like, just a ‘hello’ or ‘how are you today’ to start with. This would help you to communicate with her in a better way and also maintain your distance with her.

2. Make an eye contact
The minute you spot a married woman you wish to flirt, simply make a cute eye contact. The eye contact you make should not be too sexy, it should be subtle and friendly. Because your flirting must start with a friendly tone, do keep this factor in mind. If she looks back at you or makes an eye contact, just go and talk to her or approach her. Follow these hints while flirting with her.

3. Notice her body language
This is like the basis of your flirting. Notice how she responds to your casual eye contact or your conversation. If she is also keen to talk to you, then she would fidget with her earrings or her dress. This is like a cue that she is interested in you. Speak to her directly or you can also compliment her well on her looks or the way she is.

4. Smile at her
A smile can melt any heart. So, smile as you look at her at a pub or at a party. Casual smiling would give her a hint that you are flirting with her. If she is interested to talk to you, she would directly come to you. The way you smile plays an important part. Don’t do something which would annoy her, be as soft as you can in the way you flirt with a married woman.

5. On the phone
Flirting over phone is also a tricky thing. If you want to flirt with a married woman on the phone, then compliment her on her voice to start with. While speaking to her, simply tell her that she has a very sexy voice. If she blushes on your compliment, then your half the work is done. Complimenting on phone is like casual flirting with her.

6. Short comments
You can’t comment on things you don’t know. There is a point of difference here. While flirting with a married woman, your comments should be short and to the point. You could well tell her that how she still looks so pretty. This is enough to flatter any married woman you know. She would definitely take your commitments in a positive way.

7. Don’t be insensitive
Being open in flirting does not mean that you be insensitive. Like, if you spot a married woman alone at a pub or a bar. Don’t ask her why she is alone and not with her husband. This comment will definitely go against you. Instead, comfort her and pep her up with your simple flirting. This would change her mood in no time.

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