Monday, November 16, 2015

7 Awkward Questions To Ask Girls

 Awkward Questions To Ask Girls , girl laughing with a guy

There are many guys who ask silly questions to girls around. Well, it might be for some fun or some sarcastic humor. Have you ever asked such questions to girls you know? Listed are some of them you may ask depending on your comfort. Read on to know more.

1. Is your friend single?
Directly ask your friend if you like her friend. Ask her if her friend is single. This question would surely be awkward for her. What if that girl likes you in person. Well, you would really not know if you don’t ask her. Ask her if her sister is single, if you like her as well. It depends on your liking.

2. What about your pay?
This is a catch situation for anyone. Ask her that how much she earns in a month? Ask her about her annual pay package. This would definitely be an embarrassing moment for any girl. She may answer you with a smile on her face. Or, she may well shout at you for your question. Be prepared for both reactions.

3. What is your dark secret?
Ask her about her darkest secrets or desires in life? No one would really tell about secrets. This is like the silliest and awkward question to ask. She would just tell you to mind your own business. If you are lucky enough, she can also tell you about her dark secret. So, it all depends on how she really takes your question.

4. Why are you still single?
This would be perhaps the most embarrassing situation for any girl. Ask her why she is still single in life? Ask her why she doesn’t love anyone or date anyone in life? If you get a straight answer, then she trusts you a lot in life. And, if she ignores the topic, then she is not comfortable talking about her status in life, so it is for you to understand.

5. Why you and your ex are not together?
Ask her that why she and her ex parted ways? For most, this is like a personal thing in life. Ask her what is the reason of the breakup? You would surely put her in a tight spot in life. If she is uncomfortable, then chances her that she might just leave the place. Or else, she would just excuse herself from the question that you asked her.

6. Have you put on weight?
This is like a question which any girl would not like to answer in life! Tell her that she is looking heavy. Ask her if she has put on some additional weight? If she answers you sarcastically, then you must stop with your questions. And, if she is cool around the whole thing, then there are no such issues from her end.

7. What do you like in bed?
If you ask this personal question to her, then she might feel awkward to give you an answer. This is an embarrassing question to ask your girlfriend also. So, before you ask the above questions to girls, do keep in mind your safety for fun. If you have the guts, then have fun with the above questions.

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