Monday, November 16, 2015

7 Awkward Questions To Ask Girls

7 Awkward Questions To Ask Girls

More than gestures, words can melt a heart. If you are planning to make your girlfriend’s day extra special, then tell her something sweet. Your words will make her smile and blush. Listed are some things to say to your girlfriend, read the post below.

1. You make me believe in love
Aww! Just tell this line to your girl and see the blush on her face. Tell her that it is because of her that you have experienced true love in life. Tell her that she made you believe in the existence of true love. Also, tell her that you have changed as a person only because of power of her love, just see her melt in your words.

2. You look gorgeous
Tell your girl that how she looks so wonderful all the time. She would love to hear some beautiful compliments from you. Tell her that her eyes speak the language of love. Tell her that she looks pretty all the time. Ask her the reason of being so wonderful. Your lines are enough to make her go red.

3. My life is perfect with you
Tell your girl that it is because of her your life is so perfect. Tell her that she makes your world perfect in every way. Tell her that she completes you as a person. And, finally express your love by telling her that she is your ideal soul mate in life. This is just enough to melt her heart.

4. You brighten up my day
Tell her that she is the reason why you smile all day. Make her realize that she brightens up your day like no other person would ever do in life. When you would talk about her smile naturally she would react in a very sweet way. She would also feel a little coy on this sweet gesture of yours.

5. You are my world
Tell her that you are in bliss whenever you are with her. She is the only joy in your life. She is the spark in the darkness of life. When you spend time with her, you feel on top of the world. You like her company and the way she talks. Tell her all these things and make her smile because she loves you a lot.

6. You make me feel loved when I touch you
Get some romantic and tell her that her touch has a mesmerizing effect on you. Tell her that her touch makes you feel weak in the knees. Her touch has a very passionate affect on you. Well, all these lines will surely make her blush. Maybe she would just give you a cute hug after your sweet words.

7. You are so cute and caring
Tell your girl that you have never seen such a cute and caring girl like her. Make her realize that she is the most important girl you know. Tell her that her caring nature gets you more closer. It is important that you tell her that she is the most kind hearted girl you have ever seen, this can make your day as well.

8. I love you
When you tell her that you love her there must always be some passion from your end. Stroke your fingers on her cheeks or play with her hair. When she looks into your eyes, just tell her that you love her a lot and you cannot really stay without her. These words are enough to make her melt in no time.

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