Monday, November 16, 2015

8 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman !!

8 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman,man woman fighting  arguing

Talking to a woman has unspoken rules. No matter how broad minded and open minded a woman may seem to come across from the outside, there are certain things that when said can make her erupt like hot lava from a volcano. And trust me no matter how courageous and strong-hearted you are you don’t want to be on the receiving end of that! Below are 10 things you should never say to a woman, unless you want to really piss her off.

1. Have you put on weight?
Ouch! Isn’t that pretty obvious! You cannot ask a woman if she has put on weight even if she’s looking like she has accidentally swallowed pumpkins for breakfast! Talking about a woman’s weight is like walking on a double edged sword – highly dangerous! You must not tell a woman that she has gained weight, even if she herself asks you. So if you are smart, just stay out of the topic.

2. Are you pregnant?
Her stomach may seem like its about to explode, but so will her head if she is not pregnant and that lump that you assumed to be a baby is actually just fat! Women are genetically conscious about weighty issues and you directly asking her something like this will hurt her more than you can imagine. She will never forgive and forget a mistake like this. It will be plain embarrassing for both of you. And if you are so curious to get your question solved, say something like “Hey, what is that glow on your face about?”

3. Isn’t that girl so hot!
Women like to talk about a number of things like fashion, movies, men and the list is endless. But one thing they often don’t like to talk about is how pretty other women are especially when they are around men. So if you find a woman hot, you have two options – Keep it to yourself or discuss it with your male buddies. Keeping it to yourself won’t hurt anyone and discussing it with your male buddies will add to your fun. Just don’t discuss this will a woman.

4. Are you having a bad hair day?
Women are ultra conscious about their tresses. It is possible that she just had a haircut and thinks it is fabulous. You sharing your utter disapproval will hurt her confidence big time. Worst so, she might be really having a bad hair day and you noticing will just add to her agony and she will hate you forever! So unless you want to experience how does it feel like when a slipper comes right on your face, do not dare to pass a comment like this, ever!

5. What is it with the breakouts on your skin?
Woman hate it when they breakout on their skin. Many of them go in closure for days till it clears out. Sometimes they even avoid meeting people when they are having bad skin days. For the courageous few who dare to step out in spite of breakouts, you have no right to break their morale for saying something so mean!

6. Why are you dressed up like that!
Woman take trouble to dress up even they seem like they did not. Often they plan what they are going to wear for an occasion days in advance. Even if the woman with you is dressed like a Christmas tree it is downright rude, to say something like this.

7. That woman does it better than you
First of all, it is a crime to compare! Not a woman, not a man and not anyone! But you are still ignorant enough to say something like this, puhleeze not to a woman, because she will not forget! Let me repeat myself, she will NEVER forget! Every woman is beautiful in her own way. If there is something about her that you dislike, too bad for you! If you must bring it to her notice, there are other ways to do so like “Hey, your food is amazing. But it would taste so much better than it already is if you do it this way. Let me show you!” By saying something like it you are appreciating her yet showing her your concern in the nicest way possible. Do not compare her with another woman because there are only two outcomes of this. Either she will hate you forever or it will bring down her self-worth considerably and I am sure that you would not want either.

8. I don’t like your father
Women love their fathers! In fact they are highly protective about them. Her father could be boring, sad, over-enthusiastic, hyperactive, scary or whatever to you, but they love their fathers. To a woman nothing can go like a sword deeper into her heart than by you sharing your disapproval about the man she loves the most!

9. Are you having your periods?
Do you have a heart? First of all a woman goes through way too much during that time of the month, second of all she deals with her other problems. Commenting on something so personal is not only highly insensitive of you but also utterly rude.

10. Do I have to pay if I take you out on a date?
Turn off! Turn off! Turn off!
If you can afford to pay, only then ask her out on a date. When on your date, if she offers to pay and you want to accept her offer, split the bill. Do not make her pay, it seems really cheap and you will lose all respect that she would have for you. Women often tend to discuss these things with their girlfriends too. So by saying this you are at the risk on earning the disrespect of her friends as well.

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