Monday, November 16, 2015

5 Signs She is About to Dump You !!

5 Signs She is About to Dump You,woman girl hate man break up

Ever been the last person to know that you are being dumped? Getting dumped is not a nice thing to happen to anyone, but when it comes as a complete surprise, you would be left staggering and wondering what went wrong in your relationship. Instead of breaking your head about what went wrong and the role you played in the dumping start looking out for sings that something is wrong in your relationship. You don’t want to get caught shocked and broken hearted without fair warning. Here are some signs that would let you know that you are about to get dumped.

1. She does not care if you do not call her everyday
She might have picked up a fight with you if you did not call in to check with her every day in the beginning of your relationship. She would have also expected you to call her every morning and every night. But if she is not bothered to ask you why you have not been calling, it shows that she has lost interest and does not care anymore. A prefect sign that she is not interested and thinking of dumping you very soon.

2. She does not answer your calls
She does not answer your calls for days at a stretch and even when she does, she gives you a flimsy reason for not having answered your calls earlier. She also tells you that she is too busy to be talking and has much to do. Failure to take calls is a sign that the relationship is heading towards a break.

3. She turns down your invitation to meet or go out
She always seems to have a reason to not go out with you whenever you invite her out. She also makes sure that you do not hang out with her friends as much as you used to. She would try every trick in the game to not go out with you. If this goes on for a month, you should know that it is time to talk.

4. She says it is time to talk
You should be worried for a lot of reasons if she says ‘we need to talk’. But if she has been acting pretty distant lately and trying to get away from you, you should know that this talk is about her trying out a less painful way of duping you. Be prepared to get duped in a soft and a sweet manner.

5. She says no to sex one too many times
Women have their mood swings and biological reasons to say no to sex. But if you had been going out with her for long, you would know her moods and body. You can tell when she says no to sex because she just does not want to do it with you. The only time she does t is when she is drunk. Not having sex for months on end is also a sign that she is bored of you and wants to break it off with you.

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