Monday, November 16, 2015

5 Signs She is Secretly Unhappy in Your Relationship !

5 Signs She is Secretly Unhappy in Your Relationship,woman sleep in bed sad don't have sex

There is some truth in the saying that the most difficult thing in the world is to find out what goes on in a woman’s head. She will not only refrain from not telling you what’s making her unhappy but she will also expect you to know when she’s unhappy as well as the reasons behind it. The very fact that you are clueless about what she is going through or what she is thinking about will make her more frustrated and unhappy. Unless you are really patient and talk to her, there is no way you are going to find out what is wrong. If you do not want to ask her you can look for some signs to know if she is unhappy. Here are some signs that she is secretly unhappy in your relationship.

1. She starts crying for no reason
She can be a very rational and sane person for most of the time but when she is feeling frustrated with you or unhappy in the relationship; she can really blow her top and start crying for even the smallest of slights. The worst thing about this is that anything you do might be considered a slight and things will only start going downhill from then on. Instead of giving her some space and retreating, you should patiently listen to her complaints, real and imaginary and try to talk to her.

2. She becomes friends with your sister or mother who she hates otherwise
She is not trying to tell on you or trying to get back at you. She becomes friends with them only because she wants a sympathetic ear. Her first choices to unload relationship troubles would be her friends and then her family. But if you find out she is getting close to your family, it means there is some real trouble brewing on the relationship front.

3. She gives you the silent treatment one too many times
Silent treatments can be pretty irritating but it is also a sign that she is unhappy about something in the relationship. As you have no idea about what she is unhappy about, try to break your head to find out what you did to irritate her or make her sad. She’d be overjoyed if you find it out yourself and apologize for it.

4. Her shopping will hit new levels
You will see that her shopping addiction becomes worse and that she tries to go shopping at all times. An addiction to shopping reflects an empty space she is trying to fill or it could be because she is trying to gloss over her sadness with material things. When her cards get maxed out and her closets are brimming with too many things that she would never wear, it is time for an intervention.

5. She stops taking care of herself or spends too much time on herself
She no longer tries to keep up appearances. She either lets go of herself or spends too much time and money primping. When she is unhappy she no longer cares about how she looks or what she does. However, some women might do the exact opposite and spend too much time in the salon or the spa.

If you think she is going to come to you with her problems, you are mistaken. Just look for the signs that she is unhappy and get it right the first time.

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