Monday, November 16, 2015

5 Disadvantages of Dating A Rich Girl !

Disadvantages of Dating A Rich Girl,woman girl getting out of a car driving open car doors

There’s always a lot of talk about girls wanting to date rich men. However, not many people understand that men too have their side of the story to tell when they are dating a woman who’s richer than them. And unfortunately, having a rich partner in life is not always that exciting. There are quite a few disadvantages of men dating rich girls. Listed here are some of them.

1.Her parents will look down upon you
If you are thinking of having a serious future with her, then her parents will probably not be very happy with you. They have given a lavish upbringing to their daughter all her life, and they would want a stable man to date and marry their daughter, who’d keep her happy and satisfied.

2.You will feel inadequate all the time
If she would want a diamond necklace for her birthday, you would be under pressure to buy one for her. If you don’t have that kind of money, then not buying it would make you even more miserable. So either way, you will always feel very inadequate in front of her, and even worse when you are unable to fulfill her wishes.

3.Your tastes will be different
She would prefer fine dining, while you would be happy with a macaroni or cheese sandwich at home. Differences in tastes would soon lead to arguments and fights, and before you know it, your relationship would become really fragile and weak. At some point or the other, she will be upset and will express verbally that you are unable to keep her happy.

4.You will always have money on your mind
Unfortunately, when some men start dating rich girls in the hope of marrying them some day, they constantly work hard day and night to make a lot of money, consequently not being able to think about anything else in life. While making money is not a bad thing, what makes it worse is that in the process of doing so, many people forget their actual passions and their own personal desires. They only think of making money to be able to match their girlfriend’s status, and somewhere, end up losing their own individual identity.

5.You would be making half-hearted expenses
These would include buying an expensive suit for yourself, because SHE wants you to dress in a certain way at an event. It would basically mean she picking up expensive things in shops for you, so that you could look elite, while you wouldn’t really care much about how you look. You would eventually make such purchases half-heartedly, just to keep her happy. But sooner or later, you would think that all of this is a waste.

Of course, having a rich girlfriend also means that you will ‘receive’ a lot of expensive gifts from her. Even though money should never come in the way of love, receiving such expensive gifts from her will always make you feel burdened or guilty, and you will always feel the need to give her something back of equal value or more. Ask yourself if the relationship really has more substance to it than the superficial and materialistic things in it. Then decide accordingly whether you should stay in it or not.

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