Tuesday, November 17, 2015

6 Reasons You should not Date a Married Woman !!

 Reasons You should not Date a Married Woman,woman hug man

When you date someone, what are the things that you look out for? Of course, the general traits which every guy keeps an out for are customary, but what if the woman you are dating is married? Does it bother you? Or do you think that it is not something major to be concerned about? For instance, if the woman herself has broken the shackles that bind her to a set life because she is married, why should you worry, right? But there is a major difference in dating a single woman and a married woman. And we are not even talking about the constraints that society puts on us. Married women are already occupied with so many issues and problems that you just do not want to get mixed up with them. Therefore, you should just avoid married women, when it comes to dating. Listed here are the top 6 reasons why you should not date a married woman.

1. She will come with excess baggage
Dating a married woman may seem exciting at the onset and if you really fall for her, things could get even more complicated on an emotional level. In any relationship, it is only two persons who are involved – their feelings, their expectations and so on. But when you date a married woman, she is not on her own. There is a husband and sometimes even kids, and all that extra baggage would be too much for you to bear once your affair becomes public.

2. She may just be using you
Married women may not really be looking for another partner. Unless, of course, there is no hope left in the marriage, but mostly they may just be using you to get back at their cheating husband or to teach them a lesson or something. You may just become a pawn in somebody else’s game, so avoid dating married women.

3. She may be trying to kill boredom
She may be dating you because she is bored of their monotonous married life. Anything becomes boring when you do it repeatedly for a long period of time. And when married women no longer find the spice, fun and excitement in a regular married life, they may try to find some thrill just to kill their boredom. An affair with you may just be one of the several avenues for her to jazz up her life for some time.

4. She has a history
Married women have a history which you may or may not be aware of. How much they tell you, is dependent on them, and you really will never come to know the intricate details and harsh truths unless you put a detective to work. This history which they may have might not be something endearing and so it is always best to avoid dating married women.

5. She fears consequences
You may be dating a married woman thinking that eventually she would leave her husband and house to be with you. But this may not happen for real. Unlike you, married women have a lot at stake. Family, relatives, friends and society – she has a lot of people to answer to if she decides to walk away from her marriage. In the end, whether she would take the decision or not is up to her, but just in case she decides to stick to her marriage and dump you, you will be in a mess. So before you get seriously involved in the relationship, you should weigh the consequences should anything like that happen. Remember that married women are likely to stick to their marriages because they fear the consequences if they break the marriage.

6. You will have to tackle added responsibilities
And finally, even if you are absolutely sure that she is the woman for you, and there is no doubt that she would come with you whenever you ask her to, remember that even if she does, she will come with plenty of responsibilities for you. First, you do not know the nature of her husband and if he would create trouble later on – and it would be upon you to tackle him then. If she has kids, you will most probably have to take up their responsibility as well. All these added responsibilities may not be very pleasing and in the end, you might regret the decision.

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