Monday, November 16, 2015

7 Ways To Strengthen Dad-son Bond

7 Ways To Strengthen Dad-son Bond,man hug other man men hugging ,رجل يحضن رجل رجلان يحضنان بعض

A son and a dad’s bonding depend on the comfort level they share. Sometimes they can be best of friends and sometimes it may just be a demanding relationship. A dad and a son can share a wonderful relationship together. Listed are some ways to strengthen the same, read the post below to know more.

1. It’s all about influence
A father has a major influence on his son! This is true in every case. A son when he is in his teens always copies his father. He learns things from his father. He tries to behave in the same way, as his father. So, you should always have a positive influence on your son, after all it is all about
nurturing a wonderful relationship.

2. Talk about interests
A father and a son may have common interests in life. For example, sports can get them connected. If you are a father, then simply play sports with your son, or watch sports events to develop that bond. And, if you are a son, then know what your father likes to play. Arrange for that gaming session for all the fun. It is all about common interests in life.

3. Play wild games
Well, this would help to develop a comfort level which is missing in a relationship. Being a father, you could indulge in a little bit of fighting or wrestling games with your son. Your son would enjoy this session with you and would trust you even more. He would take you to be his good friend in life.

4. Go for activities
Plan for joint activities together! Take your son along for some fishing fun or maybe golf. The time you spend with your son is your time. This is the time you would bond well. This helps to develop a trust and understanding in a relationship as well. Go for a trek trip or a rock climbing trip to enjoy with your son in a special way.

5. Joint chores will help
Involve your son in your joint chores. Like, if you are into gardening, teach your son the same. If you are good at cooking, bake with him. Or, you can also teach him how to drive a car. The idea is to spend some special time with him, so that you win his confidence in life. He would get really close to you after all this.

6. Sit and talk
Have friendly conversations with your son. Talk about anything and everything on your mind. Ask him to share his daily activities about his friends and his group. Don’t be shy to ask him about girls as well. Ask your son if he likes a special someone, he would blush on this question but he would also trust you as his friend in life.

7. Have a balanced approach
Keep a balanced approach for that strong bonding. Be a friend when it is required in life and be a mentor when your son needs your support in life. There must be a proper balance of things. Likewise, if you are a son, respect your father for what he is. Have a positive approach and develop a friendly attitude with your father. This would definitely help to make your bond stronger with time.

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