Sunday, November 15, 2015

6 Romantic Ideas To Celebrate Her Birthday !

6 Romantic Ideas To Celebrate Her Birthday, man woman drink in mugs cups fireplace winter

Do you want to make her birthday extra special? Have you planned something romantic to make her feel awesome? Do something different on her birthday and see that wonderful smile on her face. She would love you even more for your gesture. Listed are some romantic ideas to celebrate her birthday. Read on to know more.

1. Start a week before
This can really be romantic. Start her birthday celebration a week before the actual date. Gift her bouquet and a card for like a week. And, finally on her birthday, gift her a basket full of surprise. Like, all her favorite things with the message of your love. She would feel great with this romantic gesture of yours. Take her out for a dinner surprise after you cut the cake with her.

2. Take her to your favorite place
Make this birthday nostalgic for her. Take your beloved to the place where you guys first met. Ask her to wear her favorite dress and you also wear the same color you wore when you first met her. Aww! This can really set the mood right. Also, gift her something you gave her on your first date. You would make her birthday extra special in every way.

3. Gift every hour
If you have the money to splurge, do something creative. Like buy some romantic gifts she loves. Gift her something every hour. You would make it extra special for her in your way. The gifts may be smaller ones as well. Like a lipstick or her favorite perfume. End the day by gifting her Smartphone of her choice. This would be the best birthday surprise for her in life and yes romantic too.

4. Plan a shopping date
Well, if she is a big shopaholic, then arrange for some shopping fun. Visit the mall and hold her hand tight. Or, you can also gift her some shopping vouchers for her birthday. Let her splurge on shopping and feel special for the day. A quite dinner date after your shopping experience would make her happy. She would love you more for the best day of her life.

5. Cook her something she loves
Make her smile by cooking something for her on her birthday. Make this all the more romantic with your ways. Like cook a breakfast for her and serve her on the bed with a rose flower and a cute happy birthday note. Or, make dinner for her and serve it in a candle lit decor or a set up. The idea is to make it more romantic and well memorable for her.

6. Arrange for an adventure date
If she likes adventure, then arrange for a hot air balloon date for her. Imagine just the two of you in the air, this would really be romantic. This might be the best birthday surprise for her. You can also arrange for other adventure activities if she likes to spend her birthday that way.

There are many ways through which you can make her birthday more romantic and special. Know what she likes and make this day the most amazing day for her.

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