Sunday, November 15, 2015

Things Every Girl Looks In A Man

Things Every Girl Looks In A Man,man woman drink wine first date restaurant

Although there are many jokes that go around getting and staying married; marriage seems to be an inevitable component of most people’s lives and they sure have abundant reasons why a bond of matrimony is important. But marriage or otherwise, there are some things every girl looks for in a man. Here you go.

1. Manners are very important. When a man is around women, he should know what it is to deal with one or many without being sensitive, lecherous or loud. Good manners and respecting a woman, regardless of her age or size is a very attractive quality in a man. It doesn’t take too long for such men to be the attention spot of beautiful and sensible women.

2. Personal hygiene is what many men don’t prioritize on but quite interestingly this is one of the toppers in the list of things every girl most definitely looks for in a man.

3. Sense of humor is a certain advantage for guys who are naturally funny. And there is a line of difference between being humorous and ridiculous. As long as you don’t cross the line and step to the other side; good and witty humor is appreciated and liked by every girl.

4. Confidence without arrogance is a man’s virtue. There is nothing sexier than a confident man who can carry himself well without being arrogant or rude. Somehow, confidence adds many brownie points to a man’s personality.

5. If you can listen to a woman patiently and respond amicably, you can be sure that you will be instantly liked by all women. The last thing a woman wants to see is a man that pays least attention to her.

6. Make sure you live up to your words. Fulfilling your promise and making sure you are a man of your words is very important for a woman. Making false statements and blurting out words and promises that are nothing but hot air is not going to make a woman like you or even look up to you.

7. Stop taking the lady for granted. Any relationship can progress beautifully only when there is mutual respect. The day you start taking the other person for granted; you have begun to dig a grave for your relationship.

8. Be assertive and what is meant by that is not taking out your anger and frustration on the girl. It means you talk and share for a lasting harmonious relationship. Keeping to yourself and staying reserved is not going to earn any affection or love from the girl.

9. A man with a good job and earning reasonably well is extremely important because it speaks volume of his ability to do professionally well. It also shows that you are hardworking and smart and hence can take care of the family quite well.

10. If you are good with kids, girls are definitely going to fall head over heels in love with you. Dealing with kids shows that you are a warm, affectionate and patient individual and these are traits a girl certainly looks for.

11. A great smile has the power to light up even a grim day. So, flash those pearly whites as genuinely as you can and enjoy a good conversation with the girl in the way it must.

12. Embrace her imperfections as much as you want her to like yours. Getting overly critical is self destructive.

13. Compliment a girl. Every girl loves to be admired and complimented. Tell her she looks beautiful; tell her she has the most expressive eyes or the most beautiful feet or that she has a generous heart. The secret to a long, long, successful relationship is most often this and hence we have saved the best for the last.

And you’d be surprised to know that good looks and a six pack body aren’t really chartbusters in the list of things every girl genuinely wants in her man.

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