Saturday, November 21, 2015

9 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Forgive You !

9 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Forgive You,man kiss girl woman gave her present gift

Your sweetheart’s not talking to you? You must have done something, albeit unknowingly, to upset her. It may be human to err but, not saying sorry is so not done. Don’t be a chicken now! Apologize as many times as she wants you to if it is your fault (and even if it’s not, at times). Your relationship matters more than your ego, doesn’t it? Read on to learn a few simple ways to make your girlfriend forgive you.

1. Ask for forgiveness only if you truly feel like
If she is hurt by something you did, don’t hesitate to say sorry. Saying sorry and not meaning it would make matters worse. Make her feel that you care about the relationship and about her. It will not hurt your male ego to simply admit that you are extremely sorry from the bottom of your heart.

2. Make a dinner reservation at her favorite restaurant
Book a secluded table, with candles, flowers and wonderful music, at her favorite eating house. Ensure that everything is set to perfection. Let this be a surprise for her. Once you two settle in, hold her hand, look into her eyes and admit that you regret making that mistake.

3. Swear not to repeat it again
It’s hard to keep overlooking repeated mistakes. If you know you’ve done something your girlfriend won’t like, then promise her earnestly that it won’t be repeated. Take care that you don’t hurt her again, or else she is bound to stop trusting you forever. And once that happens, it will not be long before she dumps you.

4. Get her a present
Nothing says ‘I’m Sorry’ better than a thoughtful gift. After getting out of the office, go and buy a small present which will make her feel truly special. See how she thaws in a jiffy!

5. Cook for her
This is a tried and tested way of getting your girlfriend to forgive you. Before she gets home, cook her up something simple yet delicious. Don’t worry whether she’ll like it or not. Your very gesture will tell her that you love her immensely and you are genuinely sorry for your fault.

6. Send her flowers
Beautiful, romantic and endearing, flowers can say a thousand words. A personalized ‘Sorry’ note along with them, will surely melt her heart.

7. Write it in a letter
If you cannot muster enough courage to face her after what you have done, send her a letter instead. Write how bad you are feeling about the slip, that you never intended to hurt her and how much you want your relationship to work.

8. Go on a long drive
You can’t bear it any longer? Want to be back on talking terms with your girlfriend? Just whisk her away on a long, late night drive. A drive offers you a great time to explain why you did what you did and to assure her that you won’t ever do it again.

9. Give her some time
You cannot possibly expect to be forgiven immediately after you have committed a blunder. If your girlfriend is not responding to your calls and texts, give her a break. Back away for some time. Let her cool down. Then you can start your efforts afresh, winning her over.

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