Saturday, November 21, 2015

6 Things Men Absolutely Love About Women !

6 Things Men Absolutely Love About Women !

Unlike women who’ll give you a never-ending list of requirements, men are simple creatures who just need a few basic things. Men have a few set characteristics they expect their ideal women to have. Here are the 6 things men absolutely love about women.

1. Being a great cook
It’s true that times have changed and women are no longer looked at as creatures that just belong to the kitchen. Yet, cooking is an art, a skill that one should be proud to possess. It goes without saying that almost all men are big suckers for their mamma’s food and always will be. So what better way for a woman to impress a man than be able to cook just like his mamma, or maybe even surpass her? The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach- and rightly so.

2. Being confident
Confidence in a woman is a big turn on for any man. Men love women who have a streak of confidence in their walking, talking and dressing. The best jewel of a woman is the way she carries herself with grace and ease.

3. Driving with skill
Men have always been cynical about women drivers. A great woman driver is like a breath of fresh air- it simply blows a man’s mind away. There is nothing hotter than a woman in full control of the steering wheel.

4. Having a good sense of humor
Men absolutely find it cool when a woman gets their jokes, laughs at them and even gives one back with her quick thinking.

5. Playing hide and seek
If you are of the idea that men simply love women who thrust their cleavages into their faces, then you are absolutely wrong. Men like women who are classy and can manage to attain that perfect balance between showing some and hiding some. Women who know how to play it with subtlety get the most compliments.

6. Being kind
Women, for long, have been seen as a pristine source of ever-flowing warmth, kindness, generosity and sacrifice. Men love a woman who is the ideal illustration of all, or any of these. Even if a woman bad-mouths about someone, is a little cranky and not-so-perfect in front of the man, if she has a kind and giving heart, it is definitely going to shine through these harmless imperfections in her. Kindness for others is a quality that automatically endears a man towards a woman, hands down.

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