Saturday, November 21, 2015

7 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Miss You !

7 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Miss You,couple in love romance passion affection

Girls do not often speak their mind. They often keep some secrecy regarding their feelings. Does your girl miss you when you are not around? Does she enjoy your company all the time? To know about her feelings, it is important to make her miss you more. Check out some ways to make your girlfriend miss you.

1. Make her feel special
How will you make her want you and miss you? When you are around her, pamper her and make her feel extra special in every way. Treat her like there is no one like her. Flirt with her; tell her things she would love to listen. Naturally, she would be floored by your charm. She will definitely miss you as much if you are not around.

2. Limit your calls and text
If you want to make her miss you, then you have to hold back on things. Do not call her every 3-4 hours. Call her once or twice a day and talk lovingly. Also, chat with her until a certain limit. Let there be a mystery surrounding your approach towards things.

3. Say ‘no’ to her
It is absolutely okay to say ‘no’ to her requests. If she approaches you for something, or asks you out, say ‘no’ for a change. This would really benefit your relationship. She will realize your importance in her life. She will miss you more than ever. This is the best way to make her realize your place in her life.

4. Plan for your ‘me’ time
It is good to be alone at times. Plan your special time with your college gang or your best buddies. When you take a break, she will realize her love for you. She will miss you more, because she will crave for your attention. Go out for some time to make her want you more.

5. Earn her trust
If you earn her trust, everything will fall into place. Let her always have a positive opinion about you. Make her feel like a queen. It is important that you know about all her likes and dislikes. When she is around you, do things which she wants you to do. All these things play an important part in developing trust. Once she trusts you, she will miss you when you are not around her.

6. Go slow on social networking
Accepted, the new age mantra of love is confessing about your feelings on social sites. But if you want her to miss you, you must hold your horses. Do not chat with her on chat messengers for some time. Do not use Facebook to express your feelings only for some days. Once you go slow on these things, she will know your true worth. She will come and tell you that she really missed you a lot.

7. Be yourself
Be your true self, honest and loving, when in front of her. That would be enough for her to believe you are a genuine person. Girls love guys who are loving and caring. So, when you are not around, she will miss you and your genuine behavior.

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