Saturday, November 21, 2015

8 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Miss You !

8 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Miss You ,man woman girl guy love in romance affection

Being in love might feel great but there are subtle nuances that go into building a strong relationship. For a relationship to blossom, all you need is time, space, care and lots of understanding. The more your girl is emotionally attached to you, the more she’ll miss you. So, buck up and be her knight in shining armor with these easy ways to make your girlfriend miss you!

1. Get to know the smallest of things in her life
For developing the relationship, you need to know every little thing that she loves and enjoys. Listen to her carefully when the two of you are together and make a conscious effort to remember those things. Try to be her go-to person. She’s bound to miss you then.

2. Don’t be too eager
Take things easy. Showing how eager you are to see her the next time will only make her think how childish you are. So don’t act over enthusiastic. Be nonchalant. Don’t show too much emotion in her leaving. Give her space to realize what she’s missing.

3. Stay cool around her
Getting all chatty or fumbling with words is not a good way to make your girl miss you. Joke around with her, pull her leg once in a while and have a good laugh together. This will emphasize that you don’t always want to get her on her own on some romantic outing.

4. Show her that your really care for her
Girls simply love it when you show concern for their well-being. Be genuine though. Insincerity will only get you her cold shoulder. After a date, see her safely to her house. Send a text or call just to ask her if she’s fine. These little gestures can make her really pine for you.

5. Ask some lingering question
This is a great way to ensure that your love interest continues to think about you long after your time together. Take your leave a bit early than you normally would have. This itself will make her a little sad and upon that a trick question, amazing! Say something confusing that’ll keep her wondering what exactly did you mean. Girls just hate it when they can’t find an answer to something.

6. Don’t be shy to ask her if she missed you
Not met up for a long time now? Just relax. She won’t forget you so soon. But, still want to pacify your eager heart with that wonderful knowledge that she missed you too? Don’t wait, simply ask her then. Be honest with her about your feelings to make her miss you all the more. Sincerity is the key guys!

7. Let her know that you think of her often too
Send her a simple text or just send over some flowers. Don’t make this a regular feature. Do this when she is least expecting it. On no special occasion as such. This will make it clear to her that you too miss her just as much as she does.

8. Never try to change a girl
You want your girl to love you and miss you with all her heart? Then don’t try and change her as per your opinions. Accept her just as she is, with her adorable traits and her little flaws. Girls really love guys who ‘love them just the way they are’ . So, bear this all important thing in mind and you’ll definitely win over your lady love.

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