Saturday, November 21, 2015

6 Things Men Need to Learn About Women

 Things Men Need to Learn About Women,man woman in love romance

Some things should be known without saying. You cannot expect your partner to tell you everything. Relationship is about understanding and communication. Silent communication also makes the relationship strong. There are many things that men need to learn about women. To start with, listed below are some things you must definitely know.

1. Women need respect
Women love men who respect them. They like men who treat them with dignity. They may not tell this verbally, it should come naturally to men. Respect in a relationship also helps the relationship to grow further.

2. Women want men to make them feel good
It’s not enough to say it with words. A woman will feel wanted and loved, only when feelings are involved. If you call a woman sexy, she would smile. But, unless emotions are involved, it will not make a difference. When you call a woman sexy, make her feel the same by your actions.

3. Women want men to understand their emotional needs
A woman thinks on an emotional level unlike a man. So, it is important to understand her emotional needs. She may not tell, but she may show that she needs that support in her life. If a man can connect with his woman on an emotional level, then this can make a huge difference in a relationship.

4. Women want men to comfort them
Men usually take stress in a different way. They unwind themselves without much talking. This does not happen with women. When a woman is upset, she needs that emotional support and comfort in her life. Words of assurance from her partner will make all the difference. If her partner makes an extra effort, it will make her feel good.

5. Women want men to listen to them
Just listen to women with a patient approach. Most women expect their partners to be there and listen to them. Men don’t really share everything in a relationship with women. But, women like to share their feelings with their partners. Give a woman that love and attention and she will remain honest and committed throughout the relationship.

6. Women love intimacy
Women also love physical intimacy. They may not express it, but it is on their mind. Women need love and care from their partners. They feel good when their partners cuddle or kiss them.

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