Friday, November 20, 2015

7 Signs You are Slowly But Surely Falling in Love With a Girl !!

7 Signs You are Slowly But Surely Falling in Love With a Girl , man woman couple love romance marriage married life

“It’s an unexplainable feeling, an expression. It’s a touch, it’s a feel. Once you feel it, it’s like no other thing in the world.” – Snoop Dogg

Love is a feeling that drives you to another world. When you are in love, everything seems so good to you. When you are falling in love, the world around you is so beautiful. Are you in love with the girl of your dreams? Listed below are some signs you are slowly but surely falling in love with a girl. Find out what you’re feeling is really truly love.

1. You can do anything to impress her
In order to impress her, you can do anything and everything possible. That includes grooming yourself and pleasing her in different ways. You would want to do your best to see a smile on her face. You would change for her in every way. If you have recently changed for her, then you are surely in love.

2. You constantly think about her
Is she always on your mind? Then you seem to have fallen in love with her. It has been found that if a person falls in love, he tends to think about his lover every now and then. Well, if this is your case, then it is time to confess your love to her.

3. You wish to be the reason for her happiness
This is one classic sign of falling in love. If you wish to be the reason for her happiness, you are head over heels in love with her. You love her lot and do not want to see her sad. In fact, you would make special efforts to bring a smile on her face. This is a sign of falling in love with her. You want your girl to stay happy all the time.

4. You love to spend time with her
If you love spending time with her, then there is a soft corner in your heart for her. You would want to spend all your time looking at her or talking to her. This only means that she is now an important part of your life. If you have started to take care of her in every possible way, then she has made a way through your heart.

5. You have planned a future with her
If you take her into account when thinking of your future, then you have already fallen in love with her. You want her to be there with you in future and you are thinking about a long term commitment. You are definitely in love with her, dude!

6. You have made her your priority
Have your priorities changed after meeting her? If everything else has taken a back-seat and she has become a priority, then you are in love. You love her so much that nothing else matters in your life, except for her.

7. You compromise on things for her
If you are actually compromising on things to see her happy, then you have fallen in love. Just to see her happy, you tend to sacrifice on things around. This means you are definitely in love. Go and confess your feelings to her.

Falling in love is really special. If you are in love, then let her know about your feelings.

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