Friday, November 20, 2015

6 Ways to Win Arguments With Your Wife !!

6 Ways to Win Arguments With Your Wife,man woman fighting

They say it is almost impossible to win an argument with a woman, especially if she happens to be your wife. However, we are going to try our best and give you some ideas as to how to win an argument with your wife.

1. Take the emotional route
Well, most women reciprocate better when someone takes the emotional route to winning an argument. Let her see how much it would mean to you if she agreed to what you are saying. Also, let her know that what you are suggesting has emotional and sentimental value for you. She will go easy on you and will be surprised to see your soft underbelly.

2. Go silent
Know that in some cases, silence can truly prove golden. If you feel that you have said all that you wanted to say about the topic and there have been no positive results, then you can take the silent approach. This will make her understand that you are truly serious about your stand and will also give her time to think things over.

3. Try to make her laugh
Sometimes it is all about breaking through your wife’s tough exterior. Many a times something silly might end up making you two laugh in the middle of a heated argument. Well, if you manage to crack her up, then you are more likely to win the argument. However, this does not mean that you should go out of your way to turn every argument into a funny one. Know that you have to be extremely subtle for this approach to work.

4. Be your charming self
You know how charming you can be and there is no reason why you shouldn’t use this charm to your advantage while trying to win an argument with your wife. Know what works for her and try to win her over with your charisma and pleasant personality.

5. Time it right
There is no point in trying to put your view across when your wife is extremely upset or agitated over the issue. If you both yell at the same time, then it will hardly do any good. Sometimes, it is better to let her calm down and then approach her. Wait for things to settle down a bit and then try to reason with her.

6. Be firm but gentle
While trying to win an argument with your wife, it is extremely important to use the right tone. If you simply keep yelling at her, then it can make things worse. With most women, it works if you use a firm yet gentle tone. If you add a dash of love and care into your tone, then your wife is more likely to budge.

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