Friday, November 20, 2015

7 Traits of a Great Girlfriend !!

7 Traits of a Great Girlfriend,man woman love couple relationship

We all want that perfect girlfriend but we can’t all be so lucky. Even though there is nothing like a perfect boyfriend or a perfect girlfriend, we give you some of the qualities that can make you come close to perfection. Here are some traits of a great girlfriend.

1. She gives you your space
During the initial part of the relationship, it may seem nice to have a girl who constantly keeps a mental GPS on you. However, if you want a long-lasting relationship, it is better to go for a girl who is not clingy and knows when to give you your space. This would also mean that her happiness is not solely dependent on you and that she has a social life of her own.

2. She treats your friends with respect
While she may be great with you, it is equally important that your girlfriend is nice to those who are close to you. If you find her treating your friends and loved ones with love and respect, then she is a keeper. This quality shows that she is a genuinely loving person and can extend that love to those who mean the most to you.

3. She can take care of herself
While it may initially seem fun to be the one to rescue the damsel in distress, you would not appreciate it if it becomes a pattern. When it comes to your girlfriend, it would be great if she is the kind of person who can take care of herself. This would mean that she is capable of dealing with dicey situations, has a mature head, is financially independent, and does not require you to constantly take care of her. It also shows that she respects her own individuality and has a lot of self-esteem.

4. She is honest
Being honest takes a lot of guts but this virtue can also lay the foundation for a great relationship. Both you and your girlfriend must try to be honest with each other about your feelings, fears, dislikes, and more. When you are able to do that, then it is a sign that the relationship is giving you both enough room to grow and individuals. So, value a girl who has the courage and strength to be honest with you.

5. She has a good sense of humor
It is extremely important to have that one person in your life who knows how to put up a smile on your face, even during the grimmest of times. If your girlfriend has a great sense of humor, then it can prove to be an amazing quality. This would also show that she has spontaneity, presence of mind, and the ability to laugh at herself. These qualities can go a long way in making her someone who is easy to be with.

6. She is comfortable in her own skin
If your girlfriend is the kind of person who does not have to rely on make-up, jewelry, nice clothes, etc. to feel good about herself, then you should consider yourself lucky. It shows that she is extremely comfortable in being who she is and is confident about her personality. This confidence of hers is what would make her truly attractive!

7. She knows how to keep the sparks flying
Well, needless to say, if your girlfriend knows her tricks in bed then it can be one of the things that keep you attracted to her. This is not to say that the responsibility of keeping the sparks alive in the relationship is entire hers, but it never hurts to have a girlfriend who likes taking the initiative, is confident about her own sexuality, and is aware of her needs.

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