Friday, November 20, 2015

6 Qualities that will Win You More Dates with Women !!

6 Qualities that will Win You More Dates with Women,man gave woman flower rose girl

If you are single and looking for someone, there are a lot of chances that you are looking for dates, asking women out on dates or being set up for dates. It may happen that you get lucky on a single date and the two of you decide to give it a go. There can be times too when either one of you aren’t too comfortable with the whole deal and want out. As much as importance you give to how perfect your date has to be for you, you should also realize that your date will also be looking for something to like about you. There are certain qualities that women like about men and when you have those qualities there is an increased likelihood of you going out on more dates. Here are some qualities that will win you more dates with women.

1.Be punctual
Making your date wait in a restaurant or the place you had planned to meet is only slightly less painful than standing her up. Women hate men who are not punctual. Going late or being on time for the first time can very well set the tone of the date and can either make it or break it.

2.If you are on online dating sites, never put up revealing pictures or come across as a sex hyped maniac
Honestly, this will just make you look very juvenile and just lessen your chances of finding some serious dates. It is only very rarely that women get turned on by blatant sexual suggestions.

3.Be honest
You do not have to walk around telling everyone how much money you make a year or where you live, but you should be honest enough to let your date know where you are working. This is just an example of where you need to be truthful, but honesty always pays and you would not have to squirm later on.

4.Never come across as a desperate person
Women are put off by men who are very obviously desperate to go out on a date or who desperately try to please a woman. Be confident about yourself and let it reflect on the way you talk and approach a date. A confident guy is sure to win more dates than someone who shows off his insecurities and desperation.

5.Be well dressed
Scruffy can only be fashionable when you are a rock star or have drop dead gorgeous looks. Otherwise, it is wise to be dressed in a presentable way. As shallow it is, your clothes say a lot about who you are and the importance you give to the date.

6.Treat your date well
Even if you think the date isn’t going anywhere, you need to treat your date well. If there isn’t a romantic interest, there are always chances that you can become good friends and later on she may introduce you to her friends.

Be yourself, be confident and treat your date like you would want to be treated. Hone on these qualities if you want to win more dates with women.

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