Friday, November 20, 2015

10 Things Girls Expect from Their Boyfriends !!

10 Things Girls Expect from Their Boyfriends,happy couple white man woman

There are some words that are unspoken in a relationship. Your girl might be happy with you, but there are some things she may expect from you. Do you care enough for your girl? Do you understand everything that she does not speak? Well, there are some things she expects from you. Listed here are some of them.

1. Call her often
Every girl expects this! Your girl will love you even more if you make an attempt to call her often. She would love your attention in every way. She may not tell you verbally, but you need to understand. Make her feel good by calling her several times in a day.

2. Hug her
More than kiss, a girl tends to enjoy cuddle. You read that right. The next time you meet your girl, instead of kissing your girl, just hug her tight. She will feel secure and wanted in your arms. This is a loving gesture your girl would love.

3. Give her small surprises
She would love to see some beautiful surprises from your side. Once in a while, send her a bouquet full of roses. Write a beautiful card with a loving message. She will surely not expect this from you. Small things will get her closer to you.

4. Say it through your eyes
This can work wonders for you in a relationship. When you meet her, convey your longing through your eyes. Girls just love it.

5. Compliment her
Tell her that she is beautiful in every sense. Pay her compliments on her dressing style or hair style. Compliment her on everything she does. She will truly be blown away by your loving and thoughtful words.

6. Plan a wonderful date
Skip the usual movies and dinners; instead, plan something your girl would never expect from you. For instance, a romantic drive up the hill or a romantic getaway for the two. Your girl will surely love this surprise.

7. Be insightful
Girls most expect you to understand their emotional needs. You need to be sensitive regarding her feelings. If her emotional state is not good, support her in her tough time. Spend good time with her to make her feel all right.

8. Listen to her
Have a patient ear and listen to your girl. Take time out to speak to her. Girls just love it when their boyfriends listen to them wholeheartedly.

9. Give her a loving massage
Turn the tide by giving her a loving massage for a change. She will be surprised to see this side of yours. A loving massage can also get you closer to her in every way. It is not about your gesture, it is about the feelings that you have for her. Show her that you love her a lot.

10. Make her feel important
By giving her all the loving attention, make her feel that she is the most important person for you. Every girl has a dream of getting that sweet attention from their partner. Make her feel like a queen!

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