Friday, November 20, 2015

5 Tips to be the Man that Every Woman Wants !!

5 Tips to be the Man that Every Woman Wants,man woman love romance couple

Every man wants to be desirable, such that every woman craves for him and wants to be with him. While some men manage to do this rather effortlessly and enjoy female attention all the time, there are others who have to struggle a lot to get noticed by women. Here are some tips that can help you to become a desirable man, who wouldn’t go unnoticed by women for sure.

1. Dress well
Women like men who know how to dress smart and sharp. Make sure that you wear well-fitted clothes that complement your personality and style. Do not blindly follow fashion trends or fads, unless they really suit your body type. Take help of a stylist, if need be, to ensure you know what works for your body and what doesn’t. Also, always remember to dress as per the occasion, so that you don’t stand out in an odd manner.

2. Be well informed
When you are well informed about current happenings and other things, then it helps you to break the ice easily. You have enough conversation starters with you, and it makes you come across as an intelligent and smart man. Women like men who are interested in the news or have a strong sense of awareness.

3. Be chivalrous
Chivalry never goes waste in impressing a woman. Learn basic etiquettes such as opening the door for her or pulling the chair for her to sit. Volunteer to pay for the bill at a restaurant even when you know that she is doing well for herself and can pay her share. Be courteous and polite at all times, so that it gives an impression that you are generally respectful of women around you.

4. Be agile and active
Women do not like lazy men. You must have some sport or hobby by your side that you can talk about or flaunt off. It could be swimming or going to the gym as it helps you to develop a good body, or dancing that gives a unique dimension to your personality. When a woman knows that you have good interests and hobbies, she will definitely take more interest in you.

5. Be career oriented
You must be ambitious in life for a woman to be impressed by you. It’s not that all women care about is the kind of money you earn. But if you are a go-getter with some ambitions in life, then it gives the impression of you being a person who is fond of success and is working hard to attain that. These kinds of things impress women and make them think well about you.

Technically speaking, each woman wants different things in her man. No two women would want their perfect man to be alike. However, there are some basic qualities in men that women appreciate. And once you have those basic things right, you can build more on them to mold yourself as per what your darling princess wants. It may seem like a little bit of hard work in the beginning, but sooner or later you will realize that it is worth the effort, as she will shower only her perfect man with absolute love and passion. She wouldn’t waste all her time and energy on someone who isn’t perfect or on a man that she doesn’t find desirable enough.

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