Monday, November 30, 2015

9 Signs You’re in Love !!

9 Signs You’re in Love,man love woman girl guy winter romance attraction passion

Love is an awesome feeling. The very knowledge of having someone waiting for you, or being around for you brings you joy. Being in love also means that you get that special someone to share your happy moments, your joys and your sorrows. It makes you happy and there are certain signs when you are in love that lets the cat out of the bag.

1.You are happy
And you smile a lot. Little things that used to irritate you earlier do not seem to upset you anymore and you take life easily. You are comfortable and sure in the knowledge that there is someone for you even when you have had a highly stressful day.

2.You can stop thinking about her
She is all you can think of. You look at a magazine or pass a clothes store and immediately think of what she might like or what she might enjoy looking at. Also places and food remind you of her and you have a happy smile on your face.

3.Your ex becomes ancient history
You no longer carry the hatred you have for your ex. The ex and the relationship becomes ancient history and you no longer care about what happened in the previous relationship. This is a sure sign of you having moved on.

4.You buy little gifts
You start buying little things for no reason. Little stuff and surprises that you think will make her happy.

5.You start thinking less about you
And start caring more about the other person and try to change your habits or your life to suit the other person. When you try to change yourself to make the relationship better, it is a definite sign that you are completely in love and ready to commit to the relationship.

6.You spend more time on grooming.
You want nothing but the best for your love and that translates to you wanting to look good and your best. You spend a lot of time in parlors and salons trying to look presentable and beautiful.

7.You text a lot
There is a lot of texting when you are in love. Apart from the numerous calls that go back and forth, there is also the endless texting that are about silly things like the time you woke up to the breakfast you had or just a couple of I love you’s every hour.

8.You become a poet
You are ok one day and suddenly you become a poet, wanting to write down all the feelings you have for this special someone. You become a poet and wax eloquently about how lovely the other person is.

Falling in love is a wondrous and magical feeling. Enjoy the time you get with her and try to be happy and keep her happy for happiness is in the small things in life.

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