Monday, November 30, 2015

7 Tips on How to Resist Sexual Temptation !!

7 Tips on How to Resist Sexual Temptation,sexy man guy handsome beautiful

Short of becoming a monk, it is a little difficult to resist sexual temptation especially when you are surrounded by women and the advertising world that is sometimes too sexed up. It becomes even more difficult when you have gone without sex for long periods and are dying to have sex. Even though it is difficult, it is not impossible and here are a few tips to help you resist sexual temptation.

1.Remove all nude pictures and dirty videos from your phone and computer
When you remove these images from easy reach, you will realize that you are less inclined to go visit these images often. When you are bombarded less by images that make you all sexed up, it is easier to also resist sexual urges.

2.Read spiritual books or political books.
Most spiritual books try to make you think on spiritual stuff and help you take your mind off of other worldly worried. It helps you to focus on things that are more spiritual in nature and help you resist the urge to have sex.

3.Flagellate yourself. (joking)
But this still happens in many sects all over the world. People hurt themselves when they are overcome by lust. They see this as a punishment or replace pain with lustful feelings for the other person. You do not have to harm yourself physically, but can do other things to take your mind off it.

4.Don’t dwell too much on it
The more you think of not having sex is when you will feel like wanting it more. No one really knows as to why the human mind works this way, but it is a fact. So think less on not wanting to have sex and think more on what else you can do to keep yourself occupied.

5.Do not spend too much time by yourself
The more time you spend by yourself, the more you may want to be with someone. Surround yourself with friends and family and entertain yourself with other things that are not sexual. You will lose the urge to have sex after a while.

6.Talk yourself into it
Make it a game or a hurdle you have to cross and talk yourself into not doing it. If you can’t talk yourself once into not doing the deed, you will feel more confident about yourself and it will make things easier for you in the future.

7.Do not imagine it in your head when your friends describe their sexual escapades
It is the most difficult thing to do, but try not to imagine stuff in your head or dream about doing something like that when you are trying not to have sex. Walk away from the discussion or explain to your friend that you are trying to abstain from sex and that it would be a great help on their part to not talk about it.

Sex is not a bad thing, but if you have decided to abstain from it for whatever reasons, you need to go the distance to resist any kind of sexual temptation.

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