Monday, November 30, 2015

5 Tips for Meeting her Parents

5 Tips for Meeting her Parents toast cheers drinking family happy

The idea of meeting your girlfriend’s parents is very frightening as there are many things that you are worried about. You would obviously want to make a good impression in front of them and make them feel confident about their daughter’s choice. You just need to be confident and follow a few basic things and everything shall be perfect. Here are 5 tips for meeting her parents.

1. Take all the required information from your girlfriend
Ask her everything about the likes and dislikes of her parents, so that you would come to know about any common interests and topics. Ask about their hobbies and work background so that you can have some knowledge in advance and talk about it. If you know these things in advance, you can avoid saying things they dislike and talk about things they like.

2. Plan on what to speak
You need to think before speaking and choose your topics wisely. It is good to add humor but not lame and stupid jokes. You need to keep in mind you are not with your friends but in front of her parents. Avoid topics that are sensitive. Don’t sound uncertain, confused and fake, they are older than you and will notice these things.

3. Focus on manners and etiquette
Show that you’re punctual and respect time, so reach on time. Greet them well. It shows your manners. Treat your girlfriend well; it would give them confidence that you respect her and take care of her. Don’t disagree bluntly on anything, give your opinion politely.

4. Work on your appearance and personality
The way you clean up matters a lot. You need to dress up well as it helps in making an impact. Don’t dress up casually, don’t look untidy and unclean. Dress up in a formal or semi formal manner. It is also important to smell good.

5. Know how to answer questions
Be prepared because it obvious there are many questions coming your way. Don’t sound irritated or don’t show that you’re frustrated. Answer all the questions with wit and in a polite manner. Be confident about questions related to your future and career, don’t sound uncertain. Always have a smile on your face.

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