Monday, November 30, 2015

6 Tips on How to Flirt on the Phone !

6 Tips on How to Flirt on the Phone,man talks on the phone guy mobile self-phone

Flirting is not an easy thing to do. There are so many things one has to think of before beginning to flirt. It won’t be too far stretched to call it a science or art for the amount of research and effort that goes into it is such. Flirting on the phone is comparatively easier when compared to flirting in person as there are less things to worry about. Like the way you are dressed or how you look don’t matter when you are safely in another corner and not seen. However, this does not mean that you can get away with anything. Just like there are some etiquette that need to be followed while talking on the phone or conducting yourself in public, there are a few things that you must keep in mind before you begin to flirt. Here are some tips to help you with flirting over the phone.

1.Don’t be crass
Remember that it is called flirting and not propositioning. Don’t jump straight ahead and ask the other person if he or she wants to sleep with you. That is just plain rude and can even land you in prison. Even if sleeping is your real reason for flirting, keep it for a later time or do it after a few calls or a few hours on the phone.

2.Do not use expletives
You may think expletives may turn the other person on, but it is a definite no when it comes to flirting. Sweet nothings like ‘I like you for no reason’ or ‘I love the way you move’ are great lines to begin flirting on the phone. It might sound cheesy but you would be surprised to see how many people fall for these lines.

3.Just be yourself
Don’t try to be too romantic or try too hard when you are flirting. It is always best to be yourself. Trying too hard will prove to be a pain later on when you have to maintain the same standards you had set earlier. Also it is very easy to forget all the things you had said earlier.

4.Make the conversation loaded with sexual undertones
But do not get too intimate or ask the other person very private questions. Flirting should help in maintain a sexual tension between the two of you, but should not be centered on sex alone. It should always be under the surface.

5.Don’t not make the other person squirm
Unless the other person is into those things, no one would be interested in knowing how and how many times you masturbate every week. This would be called as sex talk and not flirting on the phone. Keep it casual at the beginning and once you know how much you can push it, start talking dirty.

6.Do not use the L word
Do not say I love you if you are just flirting. Depending on the other person, the use of the L word can get you in some serious trouble. They can get scared and run away or fall for you when all you were interested in was some serious flirting.

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