Monday, November 30, 2015

7 Signs You have a High Maintenance Girlfriend

7 Signs You have a High Maintenance Girlfriend,woman girl shopping man bored sad

Having a high maintenance girlfriend means that she has highbrow tastes in life. She may also make you spend money to keep up with her lifestyle. Here are a few signs to know whether you have a high maintenance girlfriend or not.

1. She wears only brands
Whether it is makeup, clothes, shoes or accessories, a girl who strictly wears only brands is high maintenance. If your girlfriend touches nothing other than Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Topshop, Prada or Jimmy Choo, it means that she has very expensive choices. Another sign that you have a high maintenance girlfriend is that she ridicules you for your lack of taste in apparel and style.

2. She has expensive hobbies
Does your girlfriend love parasailing every week? Does she like wine tasting? Does she collect rare editions of books? If your girlfriend is into hobbies that are rare and require money to be pursued, she is high maintenance. Such women have highbrow hobbies to make a statement that they belong to the elite crowd of the society. It can also be their way of getting more attention from others.

3. She takes a lot of time to get ready
It is acceptable if your girlfriend takes a considerable time to get ready for a party. That is probably because she wants to look great. But if she is the kind of person who puts her best food forward even if she has to go out to a bookstore, it means that she is high maintenance. Even if you feel like a non-existent simpleton in front of your girlfriend, it is a sign that she is high maintenance.

4. She hates riding public transport
A high maintenance girlfriend will typically hate traveling by public transport which includes using trains, buses, cabs or trams. She will hate doing so because she wouldn’t want her dress to become dirty or her heels to become worn out. She may also think that her lifestyle and reputation does not suit traveling via public transport. Even if your girlfriend has told you that you need to replace your car, she could be high maintenance.

5. She criticizes your choices all the time
One of the easiest ways to know if your have a high maintenance girlfriend or not is to observe her behavior towards you. If she keeps complaining and criticizing your choices, tastes and decisions for every little thing in life, she is high maintenance. Her topic of lamenting could range from the restaurant you decide to take her to, the trousers that you are wearing of your set of friends.

6. She doesn’t account for her money
A typical trait of a high maintenance girl is that she has no idea about how she is spending her money. Whether it is her credit card bill or her monthly expenses, her finances are likely to be arranges and manages by you, her friend or her parents. The only thing that high maintenance girls usually think about is spending, not saving.

7. She has high maintenance friends who hate you
Take a look at who your girlfriend’s friends are. If they are just as highbrow and la-di-da as her, then she is obviously high maintenance. Also, her friends will typically hate you because they think that you don’t deserve a classy lady like your girlfriend.

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