Sunday, November 29, 2015

8 Tips for Non-Verbal Flirting with a Girl !!

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Flirting is an art, and a skill that not everyone is blessed with. Besides, flirting is something that when done healthily, is a great way to start off a relationship. It is the most basic way to get to know people, their personality as well as their likes and dislikes. These days, flirting has taken a new meaning altogether, as people are losing out on communication skills and methods of charming a girl. And many girls find this crass and disturbing. But if you know the right way to do it, no one will be able to stop you from getting your work done, i.e. making an impression and flattering a girl well. However, make sure that you are not too cheesy in your approach, as it is a big no-no for most of the girls you desire!

Sometimes, you do not have to say a lot while flirting. Non-verbal encounters hit the bull’s eye on many occasions. Below are some handy tips on the art of non-verbal flirting with a girl. Have a look.

1. Smile at her
This is the best way to initiate a conversation with your crush. A simple smile can please a many. Acknowledge her every time; this will make her feel comfortable and also feel a certain sense of warmth towards you. When in a crowded place, keep an eye on her, but do not force yourself on her. Give her an asserting look with a smile that will make her feel relaxed and secure, so that she knows there is nothing creepy about you! After all, you don’t want to come across as a stalker or a clingy guy!

2. Be casual
Get this straight – girls do not like guys who try very hard to impress! If you like a girl, then do not force her to notice that. Allow her to know it herself with your small gestures. When you are in front of her, be casual. Don’t get over excited seeing her in the room.

3. Make use of your writing skills
If you are someone who can pen down your thoughts brilliantly, then make use of it. Chat with her on social-networking sites or text messages. However, do not hound her or stalk her on these websites. This will instantly drop your built-up image in front of her eyes. Be civil and casual with her in the messages too. Don’t use flowery language or clichéd pick-up lines, as this will build a disturbing image of yours in her mind.

4. Send text messages
As you know her better with time, send her at least two text messages per day. Again, do not send forwards of topics that she dislikes. If she is responding, initiate a conversation via texts. Compliment her often during your normal chats. Allow her to talk and share her interests. This will make you know each other better.

5. Be confident
Girls like smart and confident guys who know to handle any situation. Apart from that, be sure of yourself and bold whenever you get a chance to spend some time with her. Have an opinion of your own, as girls like intelligence combined with confidence.

6. Make eye contact
Do not shy away from making eye contact with your crush. This exudes your confidence level and will also make her feel important.

7. Dedicate a song to her
If there is prom night conducted in your school or any similar event in your college, do not be baffled if she has not chosen you as your date. Make friendly gestures like smiling at her or acknowledging her from time to time. After knowing her likes and dislikes, dedicate a song of her choice to her or ask the DJ to play that song for your crush.

8. Leave her anticipated
Here is a trick – always leave the girl wanting for more. Always end the conversation with “See you tomorrow this time” or “Text me again sometime”. Make it a thumb rule to end the conversation with a compliment, like “It was great talking to you, as always”. This will make her feel special.

Non-verbal flirting can do wonders to let the girl of your dreams know about your feelings. Do it well, and she will be more than happy to be with you!

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