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10 Tips for Verbally Flirting with a Girl !!

10 Tips for Verbally Flirting with a Girl,cowboy girl cowgirl lovers romance couple laughing woman

One of the most necessary qualities for a person to be considered socially good and charming, is that of flirting. It helps you to be popular with the opposite gender, and makes you a desirable person. And who does not like that? After all, everyone likes to be the most loved guy at any party or gathering, and wants girls to notice him and be impressed with him. Here are a few tips which will help you master the art of verbal flirting with girls, and woo that special someone you’ve been eyeing all night long at the party.

1. Keep her wanting for more
One should always aim at not over doing the flirting bit. The key is to always leave the girl wanting for more. She should never have enough of you. She should always look forward to talking to you more, or meeting the next time. There should be different facets about you that she wishes to uncover. There is excitement in mystery, and keeping that intact is the best form of flirting.

2. End the conversation before an awkward silence
Awkward silences are a total let down when it comes to flirtatious conversations. You should always aim to skip those. Awkward silence is equal to boring silence. The last thing you want is to bore the girl you are interested in. Make sure that you end the conversations at the right time. The temptation to carry on is always there, but you need to resist it. That makes her think that each conversation with you is interesting, and she will look forward to more such talks with you.

3. Always support verbal comments with flirtatious gestures
Gestures are an important part of communication. They reveal more about a person. Your compliments and comments should be accompanied with gestures. There is a very thin line between a nice move and a sleazy move, so make sure you are clear in your head about what you are doing and how you are doing it. Occasionally, patting the person or a friendly hug does not harm anyone.

4. Take the girl’s name as often as possible
People like to be addressed by their names. It makes them feel special, as everyone likes the sound of their name. Starting sentences with her name instantly draws the girl’s attention. And there is nothing better than that, as you will always keep her hooked to your conversations.

5. Make your compliments sound genuine
Men often compliment women. And women are also pretty used to these compliments. You need to make extra efforts to make your compliment sound genuine. It should make her feel that you really mean it. To do the same, you need to make some genuine effort. You need to notice the person and actually pick out things that are different or unique about her and appreciate her individuality.

6. Pick up references from conversations that she has with you
You need to be a good listener and start out conversations from what she has told you already. That will make her feel that you have actually paid attention to her conversations. Girls totally dig this. They love to talk and they love girls who can listen, and not just listen but also pay attention. Attention to details will set you apart from the other men out there.

7. Try the reverse psychology
This is a tricky but really foolproof tip for flirting. You need to bring her expectations down by firstly not letting her know that you are interested. In fact, it would be even better if you come across as an intimidating person. It is important to have an upper hand. And then catch them at a spot where they are pleasantly surprised by your verbal flirting. This moment should come when they least expect it. As mentioned earlier, this one is really tricky, but is also the most effective way to get your girl.

8. Pretend to not care so much
Men who are not easily available are the most desirable for women. You should not come across as an easy catch. You should try to not be too clingy and caring. There should be a certain desirable quality to you. Women should feel privileged that they are getting your attention. This will make your occasional flirting worthwhile.

9. Make use of your sense of humor
One of the most cherished qualities in a man is his sense of humor. It is very important to be smart and witty. You should come across as a person who can not only make fun of life and things around you, but also make fun of your own self. A funny guy makes everyone happy around him. Girls want to be with such men.

10. Be confident
There are more chances of you being taken seriously when you are confident and sure of yourself. Shy guys are liked by some, but remember those are always boys. Men are confident. Men are people women want to rely on, and feel comfortable with. You need to stop being a boy and become a man. And for that, you need to have impeccable confidence which makes you sexy and desirable.

These are tips that will make you stand apart from what all the guys end up doing to get women. These are qualities that not only make you a player, but also someone who genuinely compliments women and gets them. This will take you a long way in the game of flirting. All the best!

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