Sunday, November 29, 2015

5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents for the First Time

father mother son dad mom family dinner, Things to Keep in Mind Before Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents for the First Time

So you’re finally prepared to meet your girlfriend’s parents, right? In all honesty, that requires a lot of courage and dedication, and kudos to you for having what it takes. But now, the next big thing to make sure is that nothing goes wrong in this first meeting. Obviously, you want everything to go perfectly and they should not get any wrong signals about you. In short, you want them to like you. How do you achieve that? Here are 5 things you should keep in mind before meeting them, and then, the rest should automatically fall into place.

1. Know them beforehand
Get an idea from your girlfriend about her parents’ major likes and dislikes. Does her dad enjoy talking about the war, or is he more into golf? Does her mom absolutely despise junk food or is she more of a picnic kind of a person? The knowledge about these petty things will help you make small talks with her parents and avoid any awkward silences. Based on this knowledge, you could also buy some gift for them, but make sure that it does not seem like you’re trying to bribe them.

2. Be punctual
If you’ve planned something like a family date and you’re going to meet them for dinner, make sure that you reach the place on time. In fact, reach the meeting spot 15 minutes earlier. Being punctual enhances your impression, so do not be late. Nothing creates as worse a first impression than a person who does not respect time.

3. Dress appropriately
It is very important to dress appropriately when meeting your probable future in-laws for the first time. You may love to wear your basketball jersey and three-quarter shorts, and your girlfriend may adore you for that, but it isn’t something her parents would like to see you in the first time. Well, this doesn’t mean that you have to wear a suit and tie. Those days are gone too. It is best to remain semi-casual and wear something that is decent and shows your personality. A clean blue denim with a white casual shirt is perfectly fine.

4. Know what to speak
Speaking is one of the key aspects of this meeting. You have to be very sure of every word that comes out of your mouth, because once something is said, there is no going back. Avoid controversial topics such as politics. Try to speak more of fun things, such as art, sports, and the likes. Yet, if you happen to find yourself in the midst of a topic that can turn ugly, answer very smartly. Do not agree to everything that her parents are saying. That will only show that you’re a man as good as a puppet. Show your personality and say what you want to say with proper reasoning. But do not get too excited or carried away. Know when to stop.

5. Do not rush
Don’t go to meet your girlfriend’s parents when you have to attend a business meeting after an hour. Be completely relaxed and have all the time that is needed. Do not rush. Allow them to initiate things. If they want to talk about their family and tell you about their background, be patient and hear all that they have to say (even if you’ve already heard those stories a thousand times from your girlfriend). Show that you have interest in what they are saying. Don’t keep fidgeting with your cell phone. Only talk about yourself when asked to do so. Be honest but don’t say something that isn’t necessary. If you have an addiction for new gadgets, say that, but you don’t have to say how much you enjoy taking bath with their daughter. Being sensible is the key.

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