Sunday, November 29, 2015

7 Things Girls Love to do !!

7 Things Girls Love to do,happy man woman couple shopping guy girl

Being a girl is not easy, and this is something all the girls around the world will vouch for! It is a given that girls have to be perfect in whatever they do and how they look. For that, they always love to do some things that others may find bizarre, but they love to do them anyway. Needless to say, these things also make them happy and cheerful, and helps them to deal with their mood swings! Only when you know a girl closely will you be able to understand why and how girls do these things. So here is a rundown on all things that girls love to do.

1. Smell good
The fact remains – guys love the sweet smell of girls! A fresh and soothing smell can turn on a guy completely. And all girls are well aware of this trick! Girls love to indulge on body mists, perfumes, shower gels and body creams that make them smell heavenly as they pass by.

2. Dress up
Girls always know how to look their best on every occasion. Be it a college party, a date or a night out with their girlie gang – girls know what will make guys swoon over their style. Men go weak on their knees seeing a well-dressed woman, and the fairer sex just knows how to nail it every time.

3. Dance
For guys, it is a turn on if a girl knows how to move her body in the right way. Regardless of the gender, dancing is something that looks sexy. Period. It is not necessary to have great dancing skills to burn the dance floor – you should just know how to sway that body in rhythm effortlessly.

4. Say sweet-nothings
If you see a girl bending over to her guy and whispering something in his ear, note that she is saying some sweet-nothings to her guy! Guys love these gestures made by girls, as it brings them closer physically and emotionally. Besides, girls are a pro at this!

5. Shop
For girls, there is nothing more soothing than shopping their hearts out. And girls have all the energy to walk through the mall and to different stores to get their right outfit. Whether it is choosing the seasonal trousseau or the correct footwear, girls just know how to go about it. Shopping for girls, in many cases, can be a great stress buster, and sometimes anti-depressant. And if her guy is also accompanying her for the shopping spree, then the experience becomes priceless!

6. Cook
For many girls, cooking can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. There is no such thing as “I can’t cook” – everyone can cook! You just need to know the recipe right and need to have the vigor to do it. The joy of preparing a meal is in itself a satisfying experience, and many girls love to do it. For girls, preparing dishes from new cuisines for her partner is an overwhelming experience, and is also a great relaxation therapy.

7. Gossip
There is absolutely no harm in gossiping with your peers, unless and until you are harming somebody personally. Gossiping does not mean maligning someone’s name or image in your friend circle. Gossip helps in creating a comfortable atmosphere and is also a great way of busting your prolonged stress. Girls are often touted to be the masters of this art, and why not? It is not everyone’s cup of tea to gossip and get away with it!

So the next time you see your girl doing one of these things, just let her be! Don’t stop her, because it is a vital part of who she is, and she truly enjoys doing it. Plus, her doing these things benefits you in more ways than one!

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