Thursday, November 19, 2015

9 Signs She is Jealous and Insecure !!

9 Signs She is Jealous and Insecure,attractive man woman loves a man

Jealousy and insecurity are two of the worst evils that do not just make the individual feel inadequate but also wrecks havoc in their lives. If your girlfriend is both jealous and insecure, you are most likely to find it tough to even run your daily routine. Handling such women can be a true challenge. So, here are some signs that you need to watch out for to prepare yourself for the call you might want to take.

1. You cannot talk about or to another woman
If you ever mention another woman at work or a friend or worse still, she catches you in a casual conversation with another lady, a jealous girlfriend will conjure up negative thoughts and may become suspicious of your loyalty towards her.

2. You are made to feel guilty
The next stage to the first point is where she begins to make you feel guilty. She will counter you with arguments that may sound reasonable but not necessary rational. She invests far too much time into perceiving situations that you may want some other woman in the place of her. And hence, every little innocent talk or action of yours that involves another female friend or coworker may seem wrong to her and she may talk you into feeling the same.

3. You are constantly being checked
When your girlfriend checks on you to see if you are doing well, you will feel wanted. But if that turns into an obsession for her where she does it way too many times, it means there is a problem. Wanting to know every little thing you do and suspecting that you are out with another woman always when you aren’t is bound to make you uncomfortable and conscious all the time.

4. You are accused of flirting
Men may sound like they are flirting even when they are not physically attracted to a woman. They are, as a matter of fact, being nice. If your girlfriend is viewing and perceiving every such interaction as a gesture of willful flirting, your discussions are almost always going to be hysterical arguments.

5. You have to constantly validate
An insecure woman constantly wants to know that she is being liked, loved and desired. She wants constant validations on her beauty and appearance. So, your girlfriend may insist on seeking attention from you every time and that can almost frequently turn quite tiresome.

6. You are expected to be dependent
Only a confident individual can be independent and accept independence in others. But a jealous girlfriend expects you to be with her most times. She also wants to be the only person who can do everything for you. In effect, she wants to replace every other person in your life because of her insecurity.

7. You are not supposed to look at other women
You may find yourself arguing with your jealous girlfriend every time you look at another girl. This may become a trend every time you go out with her. Thereafter, every time a woman passes by and you look, you become conscious and check if your girlfriend is around. Not the best of places to be in.

8. Your online presence is being checked
When she becomes obsessive to go and check what you are doing online, you should know something is really wrong. Even casual discussions you are having with a female acquaintance or friend online or something posted on their pages can turn its ugly side on you when she perceives another meaning to it. This kind of checking can even happen on your hand phone or laptop.

9. You are bombard with questions
If she is bombarding you with a million questions every time you are out of sight, you are most probably in the company of a jealous and insecure girlfriend. While casual questions are understandable, heavy interrogation means that she is insecure about what you do when she isn’t around.

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