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10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her !!

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her, man gave present to a woman

She’s the woman of your dreams and this Valentine’s Day you want to show her what she means to you. There’s no better way than saying it with a gift. Gifts can be absolutely anything that you can think of but when it is for that special someone, it won’t send a message to their heart unless it is romantic and special. A special gift needn’t burn holes in your pockets. All that is required is a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of love. Here are some gift ideas to give your lady love this Valentine’s Day.

1. Heart-Shaped or Cupid-Shaped Pendant
On Valentine’s Day a nice gift would be to give her a heart or cupid shaped pendant that would signify your everlasting love for her. Heart and cupid are both symbols of love and relate very well with the theme of Valentine’s Day.She would stand out and feel special as the shape of the pendant would be unique and directly relate to you. To make it even more special, get your initials engraved at the back of the pendant.

2. Spa
Spas are a way to show her how much you want to pamper her. A great Valentine’s Day for her would be to treat her to a bit of rejuvenation and relaxation. Instead of just one or two services, try opting for a package deal wherein you can get a wide array of services. You could, also, opt for a package of couple’s spa treatment, where the two of you could share spa facials, therapeutic couples spa massages and a rejuvenating sauna treatment at the end.

3. Music
If your lady love has always fantasized about playing an instrument or if she already does play one, the best Valentine’s Day gift would be an instrument itself or the instrument related accessories. It would send a message to her that you love to hear her play and would be a support system for all her endeavors. If she does play an instrument, upgrading it from the present one would indeed make her Valentine’s Day a really special one.

4. A Self-written Poem
Women are extremely sentimental and love to be made to feel special. A romantic poem has been the perfect charmer in case of women and writing poems in their praise has been going on since time immemorial. Writing about the first time the two of you met each other would refresh old memories. To this you can add on about how much you love her and what she means to you in your life. It can be guaranteed that she would preserve forever the poem both physically as well as in her mind.

5. Homemade Chocolates
On an occasion like the day of love, you can express your love for her with something as nice as chocolates. To make it even more memorable, you can make them yourself rather than buying them for her. Rubbish the theory of ‘Men can’t cook’ on Valentine’s Day and be sure that a gesture like this will leave everlasting memories on her mind.

6. A Bouquet
Flowers signified love since man knew to love. Flowers can be a good medium to confess your undying love for her this Valentine’s day. On an occasion like Valentine’s Day, an apt gift would be to get her a bouquet containing a dozen of red roses. You could throw in chocolates, ribbons, candies and strawberries in addition to it. A special love note with the bouquet would be the icing on the cake.

7. A Teddy Bear
Girls no matter what age, adore teddy bears. When it is given to them from the one they love, it makes it all the more special to them. This Valentine’s Day, gift a teddy bear, that resembles you the most. The resemblance could be in the form of a shirt you wear or some sport you play. The teddy bear could also carry a sweet love note written by you to her. This would make sure she does not miss cuddling up with you when you are away.

8. A Heart shaped Personalized Key chain
It would always be a good option to gift her something that will be both useful as well as remind her of you and your everlasting love for her. Gifting a stylish heart shaped key chain would be a nice idea. You can personalize it by getting a photo locket wherein you could place a picture of the two of you into the locket. As she carries it along every day, a little part of the two of you will be perpetually going along with her.

9. A Personalized Set of Puzzles
Nothing can be more unique than this? On Valentine’s Day, place an order for a set of Valentine’s Day themed puzzle. It should be made in such a way that, when you join the pieces it forms a heart or something that symbolizes love. You can also make arrangement for a personalized message cleverly inscribed on the puzzle or a picture of the two of you when it is joined.

10. A set of Champagne glasses
Champagne stands for celebration and what better reason do you need to celebrate than the fact that the two of you are in love? Therefore, this Valentine’s Day, instead of buying her an expected champagne bottle, get her a set of two champagne glasses. Personalize them, by getting your names inscribed over each of the glasses and get all geared up to celebrate your love.

These are a collection of romantic and personalized Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her that are sure to have her falling in love with you all over again. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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