Thursday, November 19, 2015

5 Signs She is Beginning to Like You !!

5 Signs She is Beginning to Like You,woman loves like man guy

Men often complain that it is very hard to tell what a woman wants. However, if you pay a little attention and try to read between the lines, you will see how easy it is to tell when she begins to like you. All it takes is a bit of an effort to understand these between the lines signals. Here are some sure shot tips to get you started.

1. She maintains eye contact
This is the easiest way to tell that a woman is interested in you. If she is maintaining an eye contact while in conversation with you, it is a sign of sincerity and the chances are that she is into you.

2. She is pleasantly happy when she is with you
If you notice a change in her disposition while she is with you and that she is a tad happier, then you can be sure that she is definitely interested in you. A woman tends to smile a lot more in the presence of the man she has a thing for. So next time you see her grinning ear to ear, be proud, because you are the reason!

3. She tries to touch you subtly
This is perhaps the easiest way of telling a woman’s interest in you. She will on some pretext or another try to come close to you or gently brush her arms against yours in a subtle way so as to give you a hint that she likes you.

4. She plays with her hair and lips more often
Every woman likes to attract the attention of a man she likes by acting feminine in an innocent way. If she is playing with her hair too much or bites her lips often in your presence, it is a sign that she is vying for your attention.

5. She starts to share personal things
If she is telling you stuff about the daily happenings, then you can blindly believe that she likes you. Women often like to share their lives with people they either care for or expect to be cared from. This is your cue and you can make your move too if you like her just as much.

Though it is said that women are from Venus, they are not that difficult nuts to be cracked. Observe, attend and listen to what she says and you have her heart open in front of you. Follow these signs and delight in your success with women.

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