Thursday, November 19, 2015

6 Signs She is a Good Girl !!

6 Signs She is a Good Girl ,couple man woman in love romance

Every guy seeks a perfect life partner. But how can you be sure that the girl you are going around with is ‘the one’ for you? There are certain qualities we all look out for in a prospective life partner, but there are some things which certainly qualify her to be the perfect girl. You should look out for tell tale signs that make your girlfriend stand out from the rest. These qualities make her the most appropriate girl to date and pursue. Listed here are 6 signs that she is a good girl.

1. She hails from a good family
She comes from a family which has reputation. If you know the family, you can tell what kind of a girl she is. What you must look out for is her family structure and how she feels about her family, rather than her economic background or status. If she hails from a decent family, chances are that she received good upbringing and is thus, definitely a good girl.

2. She is not promiscuous
Find out how many partners she has had in the past. Promiscuity is directly related to a person’s character and that is true not just for women. If she has had several partners before, she may find it difficult to bond with you in a special way. Not that she has to be an absolute virgin (everyone has high school crushes and special friends in their younger days), but a woman who is somewhat inexperienced in sex is always better than one who has been there and done that more than you can count on your fingers.

3. She has a good relationship with her parents
Her relationship with her parents shows what her relationship will be with you. A girl who has a good relationship with her parents is bound to have been brought up well – provided you know the background of her parents and her family in general. But then you should be wary of girls who run to their dads for every little thing that goes wrong. A girl brought up well and a spoilt brat are two different things and you should note the difference.

4. She is not a divorcee
Marrying a divorcee is probably a great thing and in fact, remarriage is encouraged in some societies, but if you value your life and how your future family would shape up, do not invest time and energy in a girl who has been married. If you are considering taking the relationship to the next level, run a background check and find out if she has been married before or not. Whatever the reason for divorce is, you will obviously get someone better. If she is not a divorcee, chances of her being a good girl are much higher.

5. She is not a strong feminist
If she is a feminist to a tolerable extent, it is acceptable. But if she picks a fight and argues over every move you make just because you are a man and she, a woman, you might want to move on. A strong feminist is probably great to debate with, but to love and live with, you need someone else.

6. She believes in true love
If she believes in true love, she is just the girl for you. It means that she will always be there for you, through thick and thin, and will never let you down. Also, if she believes in love, she is not materialistic and her love for you will not depend upon how much money you spend on her. Treat her well, as she will always stand beside you – until death does you apart.

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