Thursday, November 19, 2015

5 Signs She is not in Love With You Anymore !!

5 Signs She is not in Love With You Anymore ,woman girl hate man sad couple

If you have been dating your girlfriend for quite some time and still feel that something is missing, get cautious. Are you sure she is in love with you? Is she really into you or is just passing her time till she gets someone she deems more suitable for herself? It is possible that she may have been in love with you in the beginning, but slowly, she grew out of the initial affection she felt for you. How would you know if such is the case? There are some signs to look out for. Listed below are the top 5 signs that she is not in love with you anymore.

1. `She doesn’t reciprocate your affection
If your girlfriend has suddenly turned cold towards you, it could be a sign that she may not be interested in you anymore. When you shower your love on her or hug her or show your love and affection in any way, if she does not reciprocate it as she would have ideally done, you should get the hint that it may be over. If she refuses to acknowledge your love and the fact she loves you too, she may be on the verge of breaking up with you.

2. She takes time to respond to your text messages
Does she take time to reply to your messages? Does she ignore your phone calls and then forgets about calling back? If she takes time to reply or shows that she has other priorities in her life which are much more important than you, you should get cautious and get ready to move on. When she begins to avoid staying in constant contact, she may not be in love with you anymore.

3. She makes too many excuses
If she does not go out with you every day, and suddenly turns too busy to be able to give time to you, she may be not that much into you anymore. Also, when you confront her, she makes too many excuses why she would not be able to meet you or make it to an event you planned beforehand. If she starts avoiding you with numerous excuses, she may not be the girl for you any longer.

4. She does not care about how you feel
If she suddenly turns cold towards you and does not care anymore about how you would feel about her doing something, she may not consider you important anymore. If she openly starts introducing you to her other guy friends, or inviting others to places where you go together and/or starts flirting with other guys in your presence, it may be a sign that she does not love you anymore, as your feelings are no longer important to her.

5. She ignores you
Lastly, note what her general disposition is when it comes to you. Does she care about what you are feeling or going through in life in general? If she has moved on from being in love with you, she will begin to avoid you in every opportunity she gets. Not necessarily would she be doing it purposely, it is just that you are no longer a lover for her. If such is the case, it is a sign she is not in love with you anymore.

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