Thursday, November 19, 2015

6 Signs She is Serious About Marrying You !!

6 Signs She is Serious About Marrying You,marriage love romance happy couple

Love is indeed a beautiful thing, especially when both parties are seriously interested and each is as much in love as the other. If you have been going around with a girlfriend whom you consider to be your future wife, you should first be sure that she is also that serious about the relationship. Before you consider a marriage proposal, look out for certain signs that will tell you that she really is the girl for you. What are these signs? Listed here are 6 signs that will show that she is serious about marrying you.

1. She plans about a future together
Your girlfriend could be serious about marrying you if she sees a future where you belong in her life. If she plans and talks about a future together, she is very much into you and really loves you. Only if she genuinely wants to be your life partner would she look forward to a future together, and if she shows signs of thinking about such a future or plans for a future along with you, she is definitely in love with you and wants to marry you.

2. She talks about having kids
Another sign is that she talks about kids a lot when she is with you. It does not only indicate that she likes kids, but that she wants them with you. She sees a future where she bears your children. She considers you a unique and special part of her life. This is a sure sign she is serious about the relationship and wants to marry you.

3. She introduces you to her parents
A woman would not bring a guy friend closer to her family and relatives unless she is serious about her relationship with him. Unless she is sure and serious about you being her future life partner, she would not introduce you to her parents. If she does, it means she trusts you and secretly wishes to be with you for the rest of her life.

4. She is excited about wedding ceremonies
How does she react when the topic of weddings arises? Is she cold, or does she start blabbering all excited and jovial? If she gets thrilled and gets exuberant whenever you are discussing weddings, then that is exactly what might be on her mind – weddings! She might be looking forward to her own wedding. If you are in a relationship with her, well, do you get the hint?

5. She pays full attention to you
If you are her center of attention all the time, then she is serious about marrying you. She pays all her attention to you and never does a time come when she appears to be carried away or distracted and forgets about you. She cares for you so much that she will always want to know if you are well, whether you have eaten or are feeling good after a bout of illness, and so on. Note whether you are her one and only point of attention, and you shall know the truth.

6. She gives you hints
Obviously, rarely will a girl say it out loud that she wishes to marry you, unless you propose first. But she will definitely give you subtle hints which you should be able to pick up. Note the way she looks at you, the way she touches you, the way she smiles at you and how she reciprocates when you touch her. You will surely know what she has in her heart. And if she exhibits true love for you in your day-to-day interactions, rest assured, she is certain about marrying you.

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