Sunday, November 15, 2015

8 Ways To Show Her You Love Her !

8 Ways To Show Her You Love Her,man woman subway metro station

Reinforcement is the key to making things stay. And this rule somewhat applies in relationships too. A woman often needs reassurances from the man of her life that he loves her a lot. Women, after all, are difficult beings to impress, and with their demand of constantly being shown, told or proven that their partner loves them a lot, men are often in a fix.

We come to your rescue today with ideas, tips and tricks on how to show her that you indeed love her a lot.

1. Surprise Her
Women love it when they get surprises from their boyfriends or husbands. It could be a bunch of roses that you sent to her office to surprise her, or a small gift or card that you left by her bedside table before leaving the house in the morning. Keep surprising her with small little things, and she’ll know that you like to keep her happy.

2. Do Things She Expects From You
Some women expect men to be clean and tidy, so spend a little extra few minutes every morning to ensure that you aren’t leaving a wet towel on the bed, or that your bathroom slippers aren’t lying just about anywhere in the house. Sometimes, cook for her, and this will be a loving gesture to show how you are trying to be the man she wants you to be. Fulfill her expectations, and she’ll feel like the luckiest girl on the planet.

3. Tell Her She’s Beautiful
When you tell your girlfriend or wife that she is the most beautiful woman on Earth, you’ve just unlocked the most difficult level in the game! Women love to be complimented, and all the dressing up that they do is only to attract attention from you. So when you tell her that she’s looking pretty, she feels really happy and loved.

4. Plan Her Favorite Activities
If she likes going to movies, plan dates around that. If she’s a fan of a particular actor, then plan a surprise date around a movie release of that actor. Similarly, you can even take her camping, dancing, playing paintball or whatever, depending on what she likes. You may not necessarily like those activities too, but doing that for her tells her how much you care for her wishes and choices.

5. Tell Her!
Duh! This is the easiest thing to do! There is never enough number of ‘I Love You’s to make someone’s day. Keep saying it at every chance you get, and as often as you can. She needs to keep hearing that all the time to keep believing that.

6. Listen To Her
It’s important to listen to her. There will be plenty of issues between the two of you in which she will have a different opinion or perspective. But you must hear her out. When you give her a chance to share her thoughts and listen to them attentively, it makes her feel that you are giving her respect and attention, both of which are vital to show someone that you love that person. Sometimes, it could even be her just ranting about work and complaining about life every now and then. Listen to her anyway, and comfort her by telling her that things will be better soon.

7. Be Physically Intimate
Physical intimacy plays a vital role in taking a relationship forward. It’s important for you to make time for those long making out sessions on romantic evenings. It is also important to kiss her once in a while in public, or hold her hand while watching a movie, because it generates the signal that you aren’t scared to show the world how much you love her, and are confident about the relationship. So a little PDA once in a while is not bad to make her feel special, even if it’s a little out of character for you!

8. Support Her
Support her – in her thoughts, decisions and career moves. She needs a strong back all the time. You may have a different suggestion to give, but when you let her follow her heart and dreams without objecting to it, you let her be herself. And then you still form a supportive back, in case her plan fails and she comes crashing down. This kind of support is vital to tell her that you love her with her individual personality and traits, and don’t want her to change.

There are a lot of men who are not so good at expressing their feelings. While some may not be good with words, others don’t know how to buy the right kind of gifts. Every person is different, and that is totally understandable. But when you are in a relationship, sometimes you take that extra mile to put a smile on your partner’s face. And that’s what telling her about your love is all about! Go out of your comfort zone once in a while to tell her that you love her, and it’ll be totally worth it with that beautiful smile on her face.

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