Sunday, November 15, 2015

7 Ways to Make Her Smile Today

7 Ways to Make Her Smile Today,happy couple girl guy boy

You can make your girl smile by doing things she likes. But, sometimes do things that would make her realize that how important she is in your life. So, make her day special by some sweet gestures, so that she loves you even more. Listed are some things to make her smile today, read on.

1. Compliment her
When you meet her, just tell her that she looks so great. Tell her that she looks good in whatever she wears or does. This would evenly surprise her in life. Compliments can melt a girl’s heart in every way. The way you pay that compliment is important. Make her wanted and loved in your life, but in your own sweet way.

2. Plan a date
Casually plan a wonderful date for her. This would surely make her day. Reserve a table at a favorite restaurant. Tell her about your date and she would get all excited to meet you. These special gestures play a huge role in your bonding and relationship. The idea is to make her smile, and she would do the same on your thought.

3. Send a loving text message
A cute message will make all the difference. Just send her a cute message that you love her and she means a lot to you. She would instantly send you a smiley on this gesture of yours. Or else, if you are lucky, she might also send you a smiling selfie. So, you will make her day all the more special with this gesture for sure.

4. Buy her something
Just take her along with you at her favorite shopping place or a mall. Randomly ask her to buy something for her. Tell her that you are going to pay for anything that she wants. Aww! This will surely melt her heart, she will feel lucky to have you in her life. You will not only make her smile but also make her blush as well.

5. Hold her hand
Do you hold her hand while walking down the road? Well, this can really make her feel good. So, today if you guys walk on the road, just hold her hand to make her realize that she means a lot to you. A simple gesture of holding her hand will make her blush a lot. She would feel loved in your wonderful company, you would surely make her day.

6. Give her a bunch of flowers
Girls just love flowers, because it is the biggest form of love expression for them. So, gift her bunch of red roses to make her feel special. Just see a smile on her face when you give her the roses. The smell of beautiful roses will make her day and she would get close to you for sure. She may even give a peck on your cheek, so are you ready?

7. Set her picture on your phone
Set a cute picture of hers as your cell phone display picture. When she would meet you, show her the picture and she would really be happy. Also, set her voice as your ringtone to make her smile. Small things that you do for her would make her smile for sure. Make her day extra special with your cute ways. This would well make your bond stronger with time and she will also trust you more.

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