Sunday, November 15, 2015

7 Things To Say To Her On Valentine’s Day

7 Things To Say To Her On Valentine’s Day,first date

Valentine’s Day is the time when you confess your feelings to your beloved. With the flow of emotions, it becomes really easy to express your love for the moment. So, if you are planning to go on a date with her, then listed are some things to say to her on Valentine’s Day, read on.

1. ‘You are special’
Make her feel special by telling her that she is indeed special. Tell her that she means a lot to you in life. Tell her that she has a special place in your heart which no one can ever replace with time. Also, express your feelings with three magical words ‘I love you’. She would surely feel special with your words for sure.

2. ‘You are the one’
It’s the day of love, so tell her that she would always be the first and last valentine. On the day of love, pledge your love for her. Tell her that you feel good in her company. And, the importance of this day will increase only because of her. Also, express your unsaid emotions of the heart, which would make her feel good.

3. ‘You are a queen’
It is always good to compliment your love. When you meet her tell her that she is the only queen of your heart. Tell her that she is the gem which will shine forever in your life. Also, tell her that she looks like a princess to make her feel special. It’s the time of love, so what better way to express your feelings with love.

4. ‘You are my soul mate’
Seldom do people find soul mates in life! If you think she is too good to be true, then express it on valentine’s day. Tell her that she is your true soul mate and she is the one you love in life. The way she understands you, no one would possibly do in life. This will also make her emotional, but she will realize your power of love.

5. ‘You have a lovely smile’
Compliment her on her looks on this special day of love. Start by complimenting her on her wonderful smile. Tell her that her smile brightens up the whole room. Tell her that her smile is enough to make someone fall in love. The moment she blushes, you know that she is so in love with you. Make her day more memorable.

6. ‘You are the reason’
Tell her that she is the reason that you believe in love. Tell her that she makes you feel so in love. Simply tell her that you have fallen in love so many times in life but only with her. Her qualities and her personality, is such that you keep asking for her. Her charm attracts you and you are grateful to her, so all these things will blow her mind.

7. ‘You are life and love’
Tell your girl that you have found the meaning of true love because of her. Tell her that she is like an angel who makes life wonderful. Also, tell her that your life has completely changed after her love. There are many random things to tell your girl. Whatever you tell her should be from your heart. Just pour your heart out and she would feel the magic of your love.

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