Saturday, November 14, 2015

7 Things Which Can Break Her Heart !

7 Things Which Can Break Her Heart,sad broken hearted woman

There are many things that can simply break her heart. Are you aware of those things? Sometimes words can also do wrong and sometimes actions are enough to say. Be careful while dealing with these things. Listed are some of them that may well break her heart or hurt her. Read on to know more.

1. Shouting at her
Well, there should be a mutual respect in the relationship. And, your girl expects the same thing from you. If you shout at her or abuse her, then this might hurt her a lot. What is the need to shout in this wonderful relationship? You love her the way she is, right? Then just control your anger the next time you are with her. She just needs your love and not your abuse.

2. Not talking
If you don’t talk to her, it may well cause some problems for her. When in a relationship, girls need that constant support from their lovers through communication. So, she would want that you talk to her and communicate with her all the time. If you stop talking or you don’t talk, then this might be quite hurtful for her.

3. Ignoring her
She needs your constant love in a relationship. There is no reason you should ignore her. If you have any problem, then talk it out or confront her in a direct way. By ignoring her, you are causing immense hurt. This could well break her heart. This would eventually lead to problems of trust in your relationship, so why complicate things in life.

4. Keeping scores
Do you have that nature? Like, if she does something for you, then only you would do something for her. This is like keeping scores in life. There is no place for such emotions in love. Love is a pure emotion, so you must not keep all these things in mind. Forgive her and accept her in every way that you can, because that is more important.

5. Spying on her
It is important to give her that space in life. If you act too clingy with her, then it may lead to many other problems in life. Spying on her would hurt her a lot. If you check her phone and personal mails, then she might not feel good in your company. This could further lead to many conflicts in your relationship. This can break her heart so you must be careful.

6. When you lie
Relationship is based on trust and understanding. If you lie to her, then you are not being true to her and yourself. If you are lying without any reason, then this might well create problems in your relationship. Deceit causes hurt and you will also break that bond of trust in your relationship. If you ever lie about something, confess it to her as well. This would make your bond stronger with time.

7. For granted
She is a part of your life, well that does not mean that you take her for granted. Yes! This can well cause her hurt. Don’t take her for granted for anything. Be there when she needs you in life. Emotional support will make her feel secured in life. You love her a lot, you just need to show your gesture and love to make her feel special.

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